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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

Since Cordy would eventually make a fool of herself, Kyle believed he just had to wait and see her
losing everything.

After that, he would see if she would still have the cheek to stay on her high horse!

On the other end, Cordy could hardly bottle up her rage as she put down her phone.

She did not hold Kyle’s duplicity against him, because if there was no love involved, that was the end of
the story–no one can be coerced into loving another.

But she never knew that he could be so despicable… so ungrateful!

She had never regretted all the things she did for him like she did now.

Her eyes narrowed right then, her tolerance toward Kyle having reached its limit.

Since she could bring Jessop Corp back from the brink of collapse, she would return it to the state she
found it in!

That was when her phone chimed with several notifications, and she tapped on it to find several media
files sent by John.

She gulped.

Suddenly, she was once again confused if she should trust anyone else.

Her own biological father had dumped her abroad, leaving her to fend for herself for the sake of
personal gain.

The man who once lived with her also turned against her for the sake of personal gain, and wanted
nothing less than to take everything she had and destroy her reputation.

Cordy put her phone down.

She did not send any reply to John–not even a ‘thank you“.

The press conference at Starstream Group the next day was crowded.

Although they had only invited just over a dozen media outlets, hundreds came on their own

volition, and one might even say that every journalist in North City had come.

Fortunately, Cordy had expected that–the conference room was vast enough to fit everyone, just

as the snacks and beverages prepared for them were enough.

Vince Cartman knocked on her office door respectfully before entering. “Ms. Sachs? The

journalists have all arrived. You may head over now.”

“Have Noel come to my office first,” Cordy instructed.

Vince appeared surprised, but he quickly said, “Yes, Ms. Sachs.

Soon, Noel arrived at Cordy’s office.

Cordy spoke before Noel could. “You’re coming with me to the press conference.”

Noel was stunned.

Cordy had never mentioned before that she wanted Noel to join her. If she did, Noel might have come
up with some excuse and not show up.

After all, Noel knew the press conference would be anything but peaceful, and she did not have to
suffer alongside Cordy.

However, Cordy did not give Noel a chance to refuse–Cordy promptly rose to her feet and started
heading toward the conference room.

“Sis,” Noel said, having no choice but to brace herself and follow Cordy.

Even so, Noel was still playing the nice girl. “Don’t worry. I’ll be at your side, supporting you. You have
nothing to fear.”

Cordy smiled–she was certainly not worried.

After all, she was not the one getting hurt in the press conference today.

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