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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 97

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Chapter 97

Cordy was sitting in her office as she looked through her phone, seeing that all the scandalous articles
on her had been taken down.

She naturally knew that it was John.

Her heart fluttered ever so slightly, but she restrained herself.

Soon, Zoe posted a tweet on her personal account.

[Each person has a past, but facts would only be speculation until proven. However, I must still advise
certain people to grow a conscience!]

The tweet was clearly a show of support for Cordy, and was hinting that she had been framed.

It caused yet another fervent debate among the netizens.

Some were naturally flaming Zoe for not having a conscience herself, that she had abandoned morals
for the sake of money.

On the other hand, those who supported Zoe spoke up. They point out that the endorsement fee she
earns from being brand ambassador to Starstream Fashion was spare change compared to her net
worth, even speculating there was something fishy because she certainly did not have to go that far for
so little.

Then, amid the online controversy, word soon spread about Cordy’s press conference tomorrow, and it
immediately topped search keywords.

Be that as it may, with the negative articles now taken down, netizens were actually discussing and
speculating the truth behind the scandal. They were certainly a lot less hostile toward Cordy, and the
official announcement from Starstream Group that they would unconditionally receive any customer’s
request for refund certainly earned them a wave of good PR.

In just half a day, the vehement flaming against Cordy eased. As events developed, the netizens were
actually looking forward to a twist.

After all, no one could dislike the response Cordy had shown thus far.

Kyle was naturally glowering as he observed the direction where online sentiment had been steering.

Now that things had come to this, he would not allow Cordy any chance to turn things around.

He quickly called several chief editors from major news outlets, hinting at them to embarrass Cordy at
the press conference tomorrow, after which he would give them an exclusive.

When that was done, he called Cordy.

She was still browsing the news when his caller ID flashed on her screen, though she chose to answer
it. “Hello?”

“I heard you’re giving all your customers unconditional refunds,” Kyle said with a sneer.

“Is there a problem?”

“Cordy, you’re losing at least 5 million dollars on this one, and with the 200,000 pieces of clothing, it’s
over 10 million.” Kyle laughed coolly. “And how much is Starstream Group’s market value? You’re just
going to announce your bankruptcy soon too, since no investor would touch you.”

“And?” Cordy asked nonchalantly. “What does that have to do with you?”

“Being stubborn does you no good. You’re not salvaging anything no matter how you apologize
tomorrow at the press conference, and the best you can hope for is a slight decrease in losses, but it’s
pointless when it comes to the big picture. Like I said before, since we were in a relationship, I don’t
mind giving you some capital if you’re willing to admit your mistakes. You’d at least not end up such a
poor joke.”

“Admit my mistake?!” Cordy laughed coolly, finding it utterly amusing. “Didn’t you set this whole thing
up, Kyle? How stupid would I have to be to let you humiliate me?!”

Kyle promptly denied it. “This has nothing to do with me. It’s you who went messing around without
control. Now someone’s making you pay!”

“You’re the only one who knows that those Jessop Corp sponsors molested me while drunk! Or are you
saying that if they had too much free time, they would expose themselves?!”

“You were the one who went alone with them! I was so busy with work, I never had time to go with you!
Was I even in any of those photos?!” Kyle snarled viciously.

“Of course not. I was alone, working myself to death and bleeding my guts out to help Jessop Corp,
while you couldn’t bring yourself to leave all the tender sweetness Noel was offering you, Cordy
mocked. “Also, Noel was the one who gave you those photos, so you could deny any involvement!”

Kyle’s face fell, as he was actually surprised that Cordy could tell.

“Is this how Noel drove you away from me and bewitched you? You prefer heinous, scheming women,
don’t you?!” Cordy demanded just then.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Noel and I are innocent, while you broke up with me and killed
any prospects you might have. Like I said before, nothing good would come to women who are too

independent and authoritative! It’s all your own fault!” Kyle shot back with lies and sophistry. “I was
being nice and trying to help, but since you don’t want it, by all means, keep going and die! I’ll see what
sort of magic you can conjure tomorrow!”

With that, he hung up furiously.

To think that Cordy would still be so stubborn even at this stage. But he was in no hurry….

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