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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

The conference room was bustling when they entered.

Countless shutters started snapping once the journalist noticed Cordy’s arrival, and the camera flashes
were endless.

Dressed in black business attire, Cordy appeared at once fashionable and professional, with her calm
and collected appearance already giving a good impression.

At the very least, she was not starting things off crying to appeal to sympathy.

Naturally, Noel was a stark contrast to that as she stood at Cordy’s side, her eyes already red as if she
was already given grief.

Still, not many journalists took notice of Noel–they were all bombarding Cordy relentlessly with
questions the instant she entered.

“Ms. Sachs, have you called this press conference to confess to having multiple affairs as the articles
yesterday had proven?”

“Don’t you feel ashamed for having affairs with other men, Ms. Sachs? Was your two–timing the reason
for your break–up?”

“Zoe York tweeted in support of you. What favors are you offering her in return?”

“Do you think what you do is right, especially to a good man like Kyle Jessop?”

“Is this scandal going to lead to the bankruptcy of Starstream Group? You ruthlessly seized control
from your own father–don’t you think you’ve done Starstream employees dirty?!”

The scene was utter pandemonium, but Cordy quietly listened without arguing or demanding silence

As countless flashes illuminated her face, her fair cheeks seemed to turn paler.

Meanwhile, Kyle was watching the livestream coolly from his phone.

There were countless comments at the comment section, just as viewership peaked for all livestreams
for the day.

The whole nation was watching, and Cordy was going to humiliate herself as they did.

Mandy Jessop was in Kyle’s office too. She was more or less involved with Jessop Corp since she was
their brand ambassador, and she came to her brother’s office since she was there anyway. and they
started watching the livestream together.

Naturally, her focus was not merely on Cordy–she wanted Cordy’s scandal to affect Zoe as well, since
Zoe showed unconditional support to Cordy. Should Cordy’s reputation hit rock–bottom, Zoe was not
getting away scot–free.

She was hostile toward Zoe not just because she was jealous that Zoe was a permanent A–list actress
and stole her role, but also because of Jay Parker.

Call it a woman’s intuition, but Mandy could tell that things were complicated between Zoe and Jay.

And Mandy herself was certainly infatuated with Jay now.

It first began with that flutter in her heart after Jay risked himself to save her, and as they continued to
work on the short film over the next few days, she was swayed by Jay’s talent and professionalism.
Most importantly, her abilities as an actress seemed to peak on that very occasion for the first time in

years thanks to his direction. Not even Mandy herself expected her to look that good on the silver

Jay certainly deserved his reputation for being the best director for women.

In fact, Mandy had never been so in love ever since she was a child. All her relationships hardly ever
lasted, but she could not wait to marry Jay and to belong to him for the rest of her life!

Meanwhile, back at the conference room, there were seconds of silence after the journalists shouted all
their questions all at once.

One of them snapped furiously right then, “You called us all here today, Ms. Sachs. Why aren’t you
saying anything?!”

“Did I have a chance to speak?” Cordy simply asked in return.

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