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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

The journalist was abruptly left embarrassed.

It was certainly true–they were all asking questions endlessly, one after another from the start.

Cordy had no chance to speak at all.

“If everyone is done, please stay quiet for a moment and listen to what I have to say,” she continued
with a neutral tone. “Once I’m done, I will answer any questions you have, with everything I know–if
time permits.”

The conference room turned silent right then.

Everyone was watching Cordy expectantly.

If there was an elegant reversal to be had here, it deserved nothing less than exclusive headlines.

“I will admit that the photos which surfaced yesterday are 100% genuine and not fabricated,” Cordy
said then, her expression calm as ever.

While there were audible snorts around the room, most of the journalists stayed silent and waited for
Cordy to finish.

“I’m sure everyone is aware that I used to work at Jessop Corp’s PR departments. Back when I first
joined the company alongside Kyle Jessop, the organization was facing bankruptcy and would never
have turned things around if not for their sponsors. And all those men in those photos are the said

“Are you saying that you’ve prostituted yourself for Jessop Corp?” one journalist could not resist asking.

“That doesn’t absolve you of your guilt of duplicity. In fact, whatever the reason you may have, your
behavior doesn’t deserve pity or forgiveness,” another journalist chimed in.

Even so, Cordy remained calm and composed. “I’m telling you all this to inform you of the reason I was
in touch with these successful men. It’s the usual socializing, dinner, and entertainment business
associates have together. With that mentioned, I have no intention to clear my name because I don’t
have to. I’d never done Kyle Jessop any injustice while we were dating, because there was nothing
between me and those men. Those seemingly incriminating photos are nothing more than inadvertent,
perfectly reasonable physical contact especially under the influence of alcohol, and certainly nothing as
impure as everyone seemed to believe. Moreover, the photos had been deliberately framed with
malicious intent.”

“Are you saying that someone was trying to frame you, Ms. Sachs?” a journalist promptly asked.

“I definitely have been framed,” Cordy replied.

“If that really was the case, why wouldn’t Kyle Jessop stand up for you, and instead choose to stay
silent?” another journalist asked.

“Everyone would soon know the answer to that.”

Beside Cordy, Noel was starting to lose composure.

She had this nagging feeling that Cordy was completely confident now, and she was so nervous her
palms were sweating.

“Anyway, has anyone considered who would find it worth the effort to take those photos all those years
ago, and that I was worth the trouble?” Cordy suddenly asked.

The journalists were stumped by the question, and all of them traded looks.

It was true–years ago, none of them would have wasted any time on Cordy since she was no one
important, and writing about her would not sell.

“Back then, I had nothing aside from Kyle Jessop.” Cordy sneered. “In other words, it was an
underhanded move by someone who wants Kyle, and they did so to cause a rift between me and Kyle.”

The conference room became restless again at her words.

Did this mean they were in for a bloodbath?!

“As for the person in question…” Cordy turned to Noel just then.

Noel had already been utterly tense, and she immediately flinched when she sensed Cordy’s icy gaze,
her face turning pale instantly.

“It’s a misunderstanding, sis!” Noel cried right then. “I would never do anything to hurt you! We’re
sisters–you can’t make me your scapegoat just to uphold your reputation!”

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