Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 102

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Chapter 102

Noel was once again shouting to defend herself. “K–Kyle was just nice enough to teach me to swim!”

And once again, no one cared.

Then, the third photo was shown, where in a dimly lit karaoke lounge, a drunk Noel was leaning cozily
against Kyle, whose hand was under her blouse for some reason.

“I was drunk. Kyle was such a gentleman, taking care of me…”

At the same time, Noel’s explanation grew feebler with every photo.

Then, came the last photo.

It was taken inside a luxurious dressing room on Cordy and Kyle’s wedding day.

Kyle was in his bridegroom tailcoat, pushing Noel up against his dressing table as they swapped spit.

Noel’s face turned pale right then–her jaw hung ajar, but no words came out.

Cordy glanced sideways at Noel, watching Noel as she appeared on wit’s end, as if she would break
down right then.

The conference room was in an uproar as the lights returned.

What a dramatic turn of events!

To think that Cordy, who had been flamed to no end, had been innocent and self–sacrificing.

On the other hand, Kyle–whom everyone always praised as the paragon of a gentleman–turned out to
be a despicable, hateful little man!

And after the initial shock, the reporters began to bombard Noel with questions.

“Noel Sachs! Was Kyle Jessop really having an affair with you?!”

“Noel Sachs, how could you steal your sister’s husband? Don’t you think that’s amoral? Don’t you feel

“It’s no wonder that you’re siding with Kyle Jessop all this while. You were an accomplice!”

One journalist was even laughing. “You had a reason for the first three photos, why not the last one?
Why don’t you just say that both of you slipped, and your lips just happened to hit his?” Noel could not
withstand the sudden barrage of questions at all!

“Argh!!!” She cried and started to bawl frantically, sobbing so hard she was choking and almost
blacking out.

But the journalists were relentless.

“Please give a response, Noel Sachs. Crying won’t solve anything.”

“You really should learn from your sister, Noel Sachs. She was so calm and composed even in the

middle of a crisis, instead of crying like a child.”

“Maybe you’re just in the habit of using a mistress‘ tactics because you were a mistress‘

daughter? Emotional blackmail with tears and all that?!”

As the reporters‘ attitude became even more dripped in contempt, Noel was given no quarter at


As she got to her feet to leave, Cordy quickly caught her by the wrist. “Noel, this is the perfect
opportunity. You can tell the press yourself about all the stuff between us.”

Noel glared at Cordy savagely–she did not think that Cordy wanted her at this press conference just to
humiliate her live on air!

It was sheer ignominy, and Noel never suffered grief even as a child!

But now, the entire nation knew that she was the other woman in a relationship, that she and Kyle were

She certainly could not stand being labeled that way. To everyone else, she was always innocent and

In fact, she did not just lose face thoroughly… How was she going to steal John from Cordy now?!

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