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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

Meanwhile, the journalists‘ questions were still coming, each more contemptible than the last as they
trampled all over Noel’s dignity.

She was still crying, unable to accept everything that was happening–that she had been so thoroughly

Eventually, she bit her lip and worked hard to calm herself, understanding very well that she would not
get away without an answer today.

Naturally, she was no pushover after years of experience.

Cordy was dreaming if she wanted Noel down and out!

Though Noel’s eyes were flashing dangerously just then, there was a miserable puppy look on her
face. “Kyle and I are in love.”

Cordy sneered in the end, Noel admitted it.

Still, Noel continued, saying, “We were hiding it from my sister because we didn’t want her to be sad,
and Kyle was even willing to sacrifice himself to marry her. If not for that fire, I would’ve quietly stepped
aside for the sake of their marriage…”

“Quietly stepped aside?” One of the journalists scoffed. “More like you’d keep cheating on your own
sister with your brother–in–law!”

Though that jibe stung, Noel vehemently protested. “No, I wouldn’t have stayed in between them if they
were married–I wasn’t raised that way.”

“Noel, if memory serves me right, your mother was just a glorified mistress!” The same journalist
scoffed again. “I don’t know you well enough to say anything about how you were raised, but I guess
it’s in the genes.”

“I…” The journalist’s snide remarks left Noel in tears again–she did not expect them to be so

Did Kyle not bribe them beforehand? Why was no one defending her or trying to change the subject?!

Noel’s heart was aflame with sheer spite–what did she ever see in Kyle?! He was simply useless!

Nearby, Cordy could not stop herself from laughing.

Get too greedy, and anyone would lose even what they have before.

It was certainly the case for Kyle and Noel now.

Naturally, Cordy had called for the press conference to humiliate Noel.

After all, professionals are professional in what they do–and journalists are unparalleled when it comes
to their ability in fencing.

“Whether you would believe me, I would have stepped aside if Kyle and my sister got married,” Noel
continued to argue feebly. “I’ve always been hurting when I’m with Kyle, because I feel guilty

toward my sister… But there’s just no stopping yourself at times, and right or wrong doesn’t matter in
love! Back then, Kyle only got together with my sister because they were just two lonely souls in a
foreign land, and there was no love at all… But because my sister did so much for Kyle, he felt like he
owed her, which is why he never asked to break up with her.”

Sobbing, she continued miserably, “I know the public won’t sympathize with my relationship with Kyle,
and I don’t ask for everyone’s forgiveness. I’d even take all the criticism without question- no, I’m
relieved that my sister exposed my affair with Kyle in public! I’ve always felt guilty toward her, and I’ve
never really fully appreciated my time with Kyle. It’s always been so gloomy…”

Cordy was actually impressed that Noel could still weasel her way after all that.

Noel’s ability was certainly unquestionable.

However, Cordy simply kept watching Noel’s performance as if she was watching a comedy.

That was when Noel turned to Cordy with an earned look. “Sis, I won’t blame you for humiliating me
like this, and I actually thank you for giving me relief this way. I hope you could understand- Kyle and I
just couldn’t stop ourselves, and I just really don’t want to hurt our sisterly bond. I hope you will forgive

Cordy smiled faintly before speaking with a neutral voice. “No.”

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