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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 107

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Chapter 107

It was only natural that since there were winners, there would be losers too.

While Cordy and John were full of the joys of spring, Kyle was absolutely livid.

He smashed his phone on the floor, shattering it into pieces, startling Mandy Jessop.

She was holding her breath in fear–never did she expect that the press conference would ultimately
turn out like that!

Now, Noel and her brother were utterly humiliated, their reputation dragged through the mud!

Still, she was nervously glancing at the phone as articles were soon published about Cordy’s press

[Cordy Sachs Reveals the Truth: Multiple Photos and Recordings Expose the Affair of Kyle Jessop and
Noel Sachs, and Their Conspiracy!]

Every netizen was talking about it the instant the article was published.

[Holy crap. How disgusting can Kyle Jessop be? To think that I was on his side!]

[Kyle Jessop and Noel Sachs are utterly heinous! Burglars who cry thief! Shame!]

[My mind is blown, my world changed forever because of those two!]

[What’s that line from Cordy Sachs–‘cheaters and mistresses don’t deserve forgiveness? Amazing.]

[Nope. ‘I wish Kyle Jessop and Noel Sachs will be together forever‘ was way more quotable. After all,
sluts and scum belong together!]

The last comment was an instant favorite.

It was only when that netizen explained it that the others all understood what Cordy was really saying.

She was truly as civilized as she was well–mannered… to the extent that Kyle and Noel were on the
verge of choking!

Even Mandy was left flushing as she read the news, but she did not dare to throw a fit because it might
really break her brother.

That was when the door abruptly swung open.

Both Mandy and Kyle turned to find their father Dandy Jessop storming inside, seething.

“What the hell was that, Kyle?!” Dandy bellowed. “It’s all over the news! Do you want Jessop Corp to go
bankrupt?! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kyle stayed silent as he bottled his own frustrations and clenched his fist so hard his veins were

Never could he have known that this day would come… that Cordy would walk all over him!

On the other hand, Dandy was not holding back at all. “I’m telling you, Kyle, you’d better sort out this
mess or you’re out of Jessop Corp. I’ll also disown you!”


Mandy was just about to reason for his brother’s sake when Dandy wheeled on her, snapping, “You
watch out too, Mandy. Embarrass me in public and I’ll disown you too!”

And with those words, he stormed out of the room, slamming the door loudly in his wake.

The entire office seemed to shake–one could imagine how furious Dandy was.

Kyle’s eyes seemed to turn utterly red right then.

Mandy did not dare to say a word in fear that he would really lose it… She had never seen him. acting
like this even when they were children!

“Give me your phone!” Kyle suddenly demanded.

Mandy hesitated, but she passed it to him eventually.

He then dialed a number he committed to memory.

Cordy was frowning when she saw the caller ID.

Mandy Jessop?!

Still, she quickly realized that it was just Kyle.

She answered it, and to no surprise, he was growling through clenched teeth, “You’re ruthless, aren’t

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