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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 111

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ue and Noel were watching Plum abuse Cordy with irrepressible delight.

Noel’s gloom was also slightly relieved in turn–so what if Cordy won that press conference? Plum was
now tearing her a new one!

Nonetheless, Cordy spoke with calm apathy. “Everyone knows how the Sachs gained their

success. Naturally, I won’t argue with you, because I’d be preaching to deaf ears, discussing such
advanced stuff to a housewife who knows nothing about the world. I’d just be wasting my breath.”

The contempt in her tone left Plum’s eyes turning red and she raised her hand again, intending on
slapping Cordy again.

This time, however, Cordy caught her hand.

In the end, no one was obliged to keep being beaten up.

One slap was enough for Cordy to give Plum a lesson to remember.

“Let me go, Cordy Sachs! You b*tch!” Plum spat angrily. “You’re not setting foot in my house ever
again–there’s no place for a b*tch like you! You are a disgrace to our family’s good name!”

Cordy firmly flung Plum’s hand away in response and told her icily, “I’d never put a single foot in your
house, but I’ll take everything you have that rightfully belongs to me.”

“You, take from me?! What gives you the right?! Your insolence really knows no bounds!” Plum

“I won’t argue with you here about what gives me the right. You’ll never get it…”

“Cordy Sachs…!

“But I’ll just teach you the price of slapping me.”

“How dare you threaten me, Cordy Sachs! Do you think I will be cowed! I’ll have you know, you’re
nothing to me…”

That was when they all heard a knock on the door, and several uniformed police officers entered. “Who
here reported the physical assault?” one of them asked.

“I did,” Cordy replied.

Even as Plum glared viciously at Cordy, the officer asked, “What happened to her?”

“This woman hit me. I’m deaf in the right ear now…”

“Oh, officer, it’s all just a misunderstanding. It’s just a family dispute, sorry you made the trip for nothing,
Plum quickly said while taking a stack of dollar bills from her handbag and trying to stuff it into the
officer’s hands.

The officer rejected her right then. “Save it! We are here to enforce the law!”

Cowed, Plum smiled awkwardly. “O–Of course. I understand that your job is hard…”

The officer simply ignored her and turned to Cordy. “Do you have evidence to back up your

“There are cameras here in my office,” Cordy replied. “I’ll have the security team send the footage right
away. Also, should I get a medical report of my injury?”

“Yes, ma’am. Please head over to the hospital for an examination, and my colleagues would take it
from there,” the officer said, and turned back to Plum. “You’re coming with us to the station.”

“What?!” Plum exclaimed in disbelief that she was really being arrested. “I told you, it’s a family

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a family dispute! You broke the law, and we’re enforcing it!” the officer barked,
his expression turning sterner. “Save your breath and come with us right now!”

Plum’s face was ashen.

Being taken to the police station at her age?! Even if she was not charged in the end, she would not
have any dignity left!

“I want to call my son!”

“Do it at the station!” The officer was not giving her an inch at all.

Seeing that the officers were adamant, Plum had no choice but to leave with the officers.

Both Sue and Noel were left dumbstruck in turn.

They certainly did not expect the police to really take Plum away!

And they were supposed to be the ones bullying Cordy!

Still, they did not dare to drag their feet and quickly left with Plum while calling Simon Sachs.

Cordy watched coolly as they did before giving Vince some instructions on what to do in her absence
before going to the hospital alone.

On the way there, Simon called her over a dozen times, and Cordy kept hanging up on him until
deciding to just turn off her phone.

After arriving at the hospital, her face and ear were examined, after which the doctor identified
temporary deafness in her right ear, categorizing it as a minor injury.

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