Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 112

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Chapter 112

With the evidence of bodily harm, Cordy had proof of deliberate physical assault.

That meant she could pursue a legal course of action should she decide to press charges.

Cordy finally turned on her phone then and sent the report from her medical examination to the police
before getting herself admitted to the hospital.

As she reclined in her hospital bed, she stared at t

he countless missed calls on her phone, but she ignored them anyway.

She swiped through news articles and saw that all of the internet was condemning Kyle and Noel,
using the foulest of words on them.

With the drama having escalated to such an extent, the damage was not just on Kyle and Noel’s
reputations–both Jessop Corp and Sachs Enterprises would suffer more direct losses as well, including
boycotts of their products and their stock prices plummeting.

Naturally, Cordy was unmoved.

She tapped on Twitter to check out the tweet Kyle posted yesterday–the number of supportive replies
to that tweet before was now the number of damning replies that same tweet had.

And the reply with the most likes was inevitably: [Sluts and scum belong together].

However, the most retweeted reply was a textless tweet with a single thumbs up emoji.

And the one who sent that tweet was an officially verified account, going by the name of ‘John Levine,
Levine Ventures‘.

There were a ton of replies beneath.

[Is that really John Levine? He’s on Twitter too?]

[I just checked–it’s him, but that’s the only tweet from him.]

[My god… John Levine has graced me with his presence! My grandpa would be smiling in his grave!]

[Even John Levine cannot stand Kyle Jessop’s behavior. The man is an epitome of justice!]

There was a huge bunch of bootlicking messages beneath.

Suddenly, Cordy smiled for no particular reason at all.

She just somehow imagined John sending that tweet, looking utterly nonchalant but definitely with a
small smile.

Still, Cordy soon pursed her lips, her smile fading just then.

She had no idea when it started, but John seemed to be constantly in her mind, and she would always
remember her out of the blue, as if it was only natural…

Putting down her phone, she forced herself not to think about it.

However, she had just laid down for a while when she turned, and thought for a second that she was
imagining John himself standing at the doorway to her ward.

Her heart skipped a few beats, just as she had no idea why she was reacting so much to John’s
sudden appearance.

Maybe… Just maybe…

He was always the one who reached her first whenever anything happened to her, to stand at her side.

It left her cold heart gradually feeling warmth.

And now, their eyes met in silence.

For a single instant, Cordy honestly did not know what she should tell him.

Thank you, perhaps?

However, she knew all too well that what John wanted was not her gratitude.

Her phone started to ring deafeningly then, shattering the silence between them.

Cordy came to senses, and seeing that Simon was calling her again, she finally answered it.

“Cordy Sachs! When are you going to stop?!” Simon bellowed viciously from the other end. To the
Sachs, Cordy was always at fault!

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