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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 113

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Chapter 113

Simon’s voice was shaking even as he roared furiously, “Cordy Sachs! You’re actually suing your own
grandmother for assaulting you?! The cops just told me that you’re taking a legal course of action
instead of selling it privately! Forget the production plant riot–this is your grandmother! What do you
think others would say?!”

She had really gone too far this time!

“Grandmother?” Cordy laughed coldly. “Didn’t she tell you? She just said that I’m not a member of her
family, that I’m not allowed in her house ever again.”

“She’s just upset…”

“I’m upset too.”

“She’s your grandmother! Your elder! How could you hold anything against her?!”

“So she gets to hit me without consequences?”

“Cordy Sachs!!! You’re not listening to reason!” Simon shrieked.

Cordy laughed again.

Listening to reason? What part of anything he said was reason?

Did he ever admit that Plum was at fault?

Did he ask what actually happened or listened to her explanation, for that matter?


Cordy never held much hope toward the Sachs.

“I’m hanging up,” she said coolly.

“Cordy Sachs!” Simon was stamping his feet in frustration. “Are you trying to humiliate us?! Do you
really think that charges on your grandmother would stick?! Don’t think for a second you can do
whatever you like just because you put on a show for press and caught some hype with Starstream
Group! I strutted in North City for years, and our family has a reputation! If you think I’m really afraid of
you, I’ll make you suffer more than-”

“But what if I get involved?”

Cordy’s fingers stiffened while her heart pounded, watching as John took her phone and spoke. I’m
John Levine. If I get involved, do you think the charades on your mother would stick?” @

Simon clearly froze–he never thought that John would be at Cordy’s side!

And though John’s voice was flatly, it sent chills up the spine.

In fact, Simon’s heart was thumping when he realized what John was talking about.

If John really got involved, the Sachs would be crushed in an instant.

That naturally left Simon livid–Cordy had certainly been walking all over him for a while now!

Even so, he had to bear with it, and even his tone was much calmer when he spoke again. “Oh, Mr.
Levine… It’s an honor. Also, it’s just a misunderstanding. We’re just having the usual father-

daughter argument, nothing more. You have nothing to worry about…”

“What I worry about doesn’t matter,” John replied, taking no notice of Simon’s fawning. “I’ll only ever
stand with Cordy–whatever she wants, I’ll give.”

“Oh, it’s Cordy’s eternal fortune to have you as his boyfriend,” Simon said, forced to be sickly sweet
now that he was threatened. “Well, since you’re with Cordy, I shan’t impose. Do come by for dinner
when you have time too, sir…”

John did not say yes, and Simon was tactful enough to shut up and hang up, after which he was

So Cordy was now strutting because John had her back. Was that it?!

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