Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

Noel was sobbing at Simon’s sigh. “How did it go, Daddy? Does she still want to press charges?”

“Of course she does!” Simon snapped, seething just then. “Weren’t you saying that you’re going to woo
John Levine? It’s already ages, and he’s still with Cordy!”

Noel appeared even more upset at that, and her eyes were welling with tears. “I wanted to do it to help
our family, but Cordy is latching on to him so tightly, I can’t even get close…”

“Oh, Simon, you shouldn’t blame her,” Sue chimed in, ever quick to her daughter’s rescue. “You can’t
rush a relationship, and did you know that Noel almost passed out from crying? We should think about
how we can convince Cordy to drop the charges or it’ll be a scandal for the family if the case was made
against Plum and she gets sentenced to jail. Everyone will be laughing at us!” Simon naturally took that
into consideration and a vein bulged over his temples in his fury.

“It’s all my fault. Grandma wouldn’t have slapped Cordy if not for her.” Noel started to play the victim
again. “I should apologize to her… I’m willing to get down on my knees and beg if she demands it, as
long as Grandma doesn’t get hurt….”

“It’s not your fault!” Sue exclaimed. “It’s your sister’s–she doesn’t care about the family’s reputation at
all, and insists on humiliating you. Even Sachs Enterprises was affected, and it’s only natural your
grandma couldn’t bear it and went looking for Cordy.”

“Moreover,” she added, “Kyle Jessop is so petty, trying to scandalize Cordy because he’s jealous of
Starstream Group’s success–only for Cordy to turn the tables on him! And here I thought he was a fine
young man after he brought Jessop Corp back from the brink of success…. But he proved lacking so
much lately, Jessop Corp would end up destroyed by his hands.”

Though it seemed like a fair assessment from Sue, she was naturally just shifting the blame away from
Noel while pinning it on Cordy and Kyle.

To no surprise, Simon listened to her and growled viciously, “Cordy really treats us as if we’re not
family, never thinking for our sake at all! I’d have had a word with her myself if my mom didn’t!”

Sue was smiling vilely–even if Simon had been cheating on her for years, he always listened to her.

“Anyway, you’re right. Kyle isn’t an ideal partner we thought him to be, Noel,” Simon said, as if
remembering that just then, and he became a little agitated.

“Yeah,” Noel replied tamely.

“Don’t bother at all with Kyle now–focus on winning over John Levine,” Simon growled between his
teeth. “The Levines are the kings of the city and our family will rise to new heights if he falls in love with
you! Most importantly, Cordy won’t ever get to strut again!”

“Yes.” Noel nodded. “I’ll do my best, Daddy. But I’m still worried about Grandma…”

“Cody’s not going to drop the charges even if you beg,” Simon said with certainty. “She’d just humiliate

“Then what should we do?” Noel’s eyes were tearful and red, and she looked as if she blamed


Simon huffed. “She just has to own up to it and apologize.”

“Would she really do it?” Noel asked.

“She must do it,” Simon growled through his teeth. “Or she’s going to jail!”

Back at Cordy’s ward at the hospital, John returned her phone.

“Thank you,” Cordy quietly said after taking it.

He watched her, before walking up to her bed and picking up the patient file next to it.

“Deafness in the right ear?” he asked.

“Temporarily,” Cordy replied.

John raised a brow. “For how long?”

“If it’s like before, a month.”

“Like before“?” John seemed to be an expert at catching keywords.

“Same thing happened when I was a child,” Cordy said flatly. “It lasted just a month.” John clenched his
fingers and his hand shook even as he held the patient file.

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