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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 119

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Chapter 119

In the end, Cordy braced herself and alighted–her dress was not formal, but it was not that casual

Still, she did look a little underdressed beside John.

On the other hand, he did not seem to care about what she was wearing, and he simply led her inside
the skyscraper.

The restaurant was on the twentieth floor, and it was only natural John would pick a spot frequented by
the rich and powerful of North City.

After Cordy followed him into the grandly designed glass elevator, he suddenly took off his dinner
jacket and his bow tie, unfastening his top two buttons.

His forbidding presence suddenly turned to a simpler elegance, he suddenly held out his dinner jacket
and bow tie at her, saying, “Hold these for me.”

Cordy did so, and watched as John slowly rolled up his sleeves, baring his firm, muscular hands. He
looked considerably casual in an instant, just as Cordy quickly realized what he was doing.

He wanted to match her outfit and she seemed to feel a little guilty about that.

After all, he must have thought she would regard his birthday with importance and dress up for the
occasion, but she did not.

In the end, he had to work with her, despite her clear negligence.

Still, she worked hard to ignore her feelings because she was here for a reason.

Once they reached their floor, John took back his dinner jacket and bowtie, while a steward greeted
them and led them to a VVIP room.

As they approached the room, the two stewards standing outside each opened one of the double
doors, revealing the extravagant stateliness within.

Cordy followed John inside and realized that they were not alone.

She recognized Jay Parker, Bob Davis, and Sam Saunders.

Aside from Jay being an adopted child of the Levines, the other two were both run–of–the–mill rich
kids, born into super–rich dynasties.

“Johnny,” Bob greeted him. “Ah, I see you brought the lady.”

“Yeah,” John nodded, and turned to Cordy, “Let me introduce you to my friends. You know Jay Parker,
my uncle?”

“Mr. Parker.” Cordy smiled politely.

Jay did the same in return.

“Bob Davis.” John then pointed at the rather pudgy man.

Cordy looked at Bob then–one would not peg him as handsome, but his facial features were certainly
easy on the eyes upon a closer look. Still, he did lose points considering his company.

“We were from the same school, remember?” Bob said enthusiastically then, ever the eagerly friendly
extrovert. “I was your senior in high school.”

“Yes, Mr. Davis.” Cordy smiled in greeting, appearing very polite.

“Hiya back.” Bob held out his hand for a handshake, but tactfully withdrew his hand when he noticed a
look from John.

How petty!

“That’s Sam Saunders.”

Cordy turned towards the man standing near the edge, who was the tallest among them at around six
foot two. His blonde buzzcut certainly showed personality, just as he was as fashionable as he was
naturally attractive.

In fact, the first thought Cordy had of him was that it was a waste he was not a fashion model.

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