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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 118

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Chapter 118

Winston was certainly a sly old fox, bringing in dinner and immediately leaving after, using the excuse
that Richard was waiting for him at home!

He had to leave Randy with the task of disturbing John with Cordy!

“Winston sent dinner. I was worried that it would get cold,” Randy gingerly explained.

When John nodded, Randy quickly put the dinner on the overtable and turned to leave right after.

Cordy, however, stopped Randy. “Let’s eat together, Randy. There’s too much for John and I.” Randy
certainly was afraid to say yes, and he turned towards his boss.

“Don’t waste it,” Cordy added.

John reluctantly nodded then.

Randy, who was already hungry, could not help being grateful that Cordy was as kind as she was

After dinner, Cordy insisted that John head home, with the excuse of being worried that Richard was

He reluctantly left under her insistence, and she breathed a sigh of relief after he was gone.

She was certainly uneasy with him around.

Lying down in bed again, she began to call the respective heads of departments.

After clearing her name with the press conference and gaining the netizens‘ support, Starstream
Fashion’s autumn collection sold like hotcakes once more. Even so, Cordy wanted solid data.

Still, each head of department was beaming as they gave her their latest update, since everything was
going far better than they thought.

As expected, after the press conference, Starstream Fashion’s autumn collection was selling by the
dozen once more. The suppliers who were trying to push them to pay their due payments early also
ceased, even claiming that it was no hurry and they could actually wait much longer.

Business folk were certainly pragmatic, but at the very least, this meant that Starstream Group was
once again on the right track.

After her last call, Cordy viewed Zoe York’s Twitter account.

The tweet where Zoe stated her support for Cordy suddenly gained a ton of likes and replies.

Her die–hard fans were naturally mocking the other netizens who doubted Zoe’s character before -the
power of fandom was not to be underestimated.

Either way, she did not have to worry about Zoe’s reputation being affected by herself.

Nonetheless, before Cordy was about to swipe out of Twitter, Zoe suddenly posted a new tweet

[Need birthday gift ideas for a man in his late twenties. And recommendations, ladies?]

Cordy stiffened.

Late twenties, man, birthday.

There was no doubt that Zoe meant John.

She gulped even as she quietly put down her phone.

Cordy was discharged the next day.

Walter was driving her as she stared outside at the passing scenes of North City’s skyline and gigantic

There were times when she wanted to tell Walter to stop so that she could buy a gift as a token of
courtesy, but she decided against it.

She made up her mind instead to clear the air with John tonight.

No matter how she felt about him, her principles could not accept him two–timing.

Even if she was not doing it for her own sake, she genuinely found Zoe was worth an earnest,
dedicated heart.

And having decided that, she was no longer at a loss.

As evening arrived, she put on simple makeup anyway and wore a simple white dress, and spread her
soft hair over her shoulders–nothing grand, but certainly natural and affable. Anyone would find her
easygoing and mild.

Walter was driving her once more, although John never told her location, only the time.

Still, he must have informed Walter.

Soon, they arrived at the destination, where John was waiting at the entrance.

He was in a tuxedo, his towering frame noble and elegant.

For an instant, Cordy did not want to get out of the car at all.

She felt a little awkward because she felt underdressed–she did not expect John to be dressed so

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