Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 124

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Chapter 124

Even so, John simply had no idea what his mistake was!

Nonetheless, Cordy said plainly, “You’re dating Zoe, aren’t you?”

It was obvious John would keep bothering her if she was not direct.

And she refused to be direct before because adults did not have to go that far to embarrass each other,
and they were not enemies either.

But after all her rejections failed, she decided to just be direct.

John was left blinking, and there was a flash of surprise in his


Since he was silent from shock, Cordy continued, “I’ve known Zoe long enough to tell that she’s a good
person–a little bold at times, but she’s kind and naive. I don’t know why you’re dating her, and it could
well be a tit for tat and not meant to last, but I really feel that Zoe deserves better treatment. If you
really want a family and a mother for Dicky, she’s not a bad choice.”

“She certainly isn’t,” John said in agreement.

Cordy felt that pain in her chest again but she ignored it, as she accepted that John was spoken for
with grace.

After going through so much, the pain from relationships seemed to be limited now.

“So you’re going to stand aside for her?” John asked just then.

“No, not her. I just think you two deserve each other, and I earnestly wish you both the best,” Cordy
said sincerely. “We’ll all be friends from now on.”

“Do you think I need another friend?” John asked in return.

“Then we won’t see each other ever again,” Cordy told him, turning to leave.

John gulped and told her icily, “You really are cold, Cordy Sachs.”

Cordy pursed her lips and paused.

In reality, there was much she could not let go of–such as Richard.

But if she had to name one regret she had in rejecting John, it was Richard.

“How terrible do you think I am?” John suddenly cried, and caught her by her wrist.

Caught by surprise, she felt her entire body slamming into John’s firm chest.

He pulled a little too strongly, as if in retaliation.

She hit her nose, and she could not stop the tears from the pain.

But even as she tried to resist, John held her dainty figure in place, and all she could smell was the
scent of pine freshness from his body along with the stench of alcohol.

She then felt a cutting pain on her ear–John was biting her on the earlobe!

Withstanding the pain, Cordy dug her nails into his arms, pressing them into his flesh in an attempt to
make him free her.

It only made him hold her tighter–partly as payback, partly from fear of losing her…

Or perhaps the apprehension of regaining what he once thought was lost.

And then…


John snapped as he released Cordy’s dainty ear, which was flushed from his biting.

It turned out that Zoe had been standing in front of them.

Zoe just had too much to drink, and was just going to relieve herself–it was not as if she came out on
purpose to disturb them!

“Who am I to you?!” John barked.

The question left Zoe speechless.

Did he lose his mind a little from excessive bliss?!

“Say it!” John barked again, even more severely now.

“My cousin…?” Zoe said uncertainly, suddenly feeling as if John had lost himself in the bliss of the


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