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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 126

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Chapter 126

Even as Cordy looked utterly guilty, John was studying her seriously as he asked, “I’m curious. What
made you think that I was dating Zoe, Ms. Sachs?”

Still, his brow was relaxed, showing his good mood.

Cordy bit her lip, but she knew that John was going to be ruthless if she told him that Kyle Jessop
misled her.

“Supposing that I were dating Zoe, it’s even more curious that you’d find it logical that I would have you
two appear in the same place,” John continued, putting weight behind every word. “How irresponsible
do you think I am toward a relationship that I could do something like that?!”

Cordy could not say anything against that.

She definitely should have suspected something, especially with her calmness and wit. But for some
reason, she presumed that John and Zoe were really dating without questioning it.

Now that she understood that, she realized that she was definitely being foolish–could she have been
infected by Kyle’s stupidity?

Or perhaps.

Even as that thought crossed her mind, Cordy’s heart skipped a beat.

But she refused to admit that her judgment was affected because she cared a little too much!

And since he was not getting an answer, John was still watching her and pressing on. “So that’s why
you were being distant for so long, Ms. Sachs? That’s why you’ve been rejecting me so constantly,

even refusing to bring me a birthday present?”

Cordy could not help looking up at that.

He never mentioned her lack of a birthday present until now, and she thought he did not care.

She was surprised to realize that he merely kept it bottled up.

Nonetheless, she was definitely left awkward by his interrogation.

She took a deep breath just then, but while she was going to apologize, John suddenly stopped
accosting her and said, “Whatever. Forget it.

Then, while Cordy blinked at him, he said, “As long as we got that straight.

He even heaved a sigh of relief.

Having made things clear, he did not need her apology–he was not upset either.

Cordy could not tell how he could be so tolerant or indeed pampering toward her.

It was as if he did not have reservations!

And she certainly doubted that he could be this crazy about her so soon after they just met.

But if that was not the case, why did he fall for her?

“After all, I just found out something I could be pleased about today,” he suddenly added, grinning.
Cordy was puzzled.

What was he pleased about?

Because they cleared up the misunderstanding? Because he did not have to find out why she was
being distant?

But she had to admit that he was always careful about her.

“I mean, you and Kyle never did it.”

Right after he said that, it felt like there was a different meaning to his smile now…and he was now
projecting the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of a man!

Cordy had still been feeling guilty, but her embarrassment turned into indignation at his words.

‘All men really are pigs!”

“Come on. Let’s get you home,” he eventually said, taking her hand as if it was only natural.

Cordy’s fingers twitched–she wanted to knock his hand away by instinct, but she decided to bear with it
because of the major misunderstanding she had about him.

At that very moment, she suddenly realized that he made her owe him by not demanding her apology!

Whatever he did now, she must not reject him, and instead bear with it.

There was no question that all successful businessmen were cunning!

“Let’s stay a little longer,” Cordy said, taking a deep breath. “The others haven’t played enough, and

I’m not working tomorrow, so I’m in no hurry to leave.”

“Okay.” John agreed to it, but even that seemingly flat reply seemed to reveal his glee.

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