Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 125

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Chapter 125


Cordy flinched while she was still in John’s arms, and he clearly felt her move!

“Come here,” John then told Zoe.

Zoe did so tentatively with an unsteady gait. Though her cheeks were flushed from alcohol, she looked
utterly afraid, like a child about to ask their parents for forgiveness.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you making out,” she said with a wounded tone. “I just needed to pee.”

On the other hand, although Cordy had been resistant toward being intimate with John, she was left so
utterly awkward she buried her head within John’s embrace, too ashamed to show her face. John
certainly knew that Cordy was embarrassed, but he was not letting her off the hook either. He pressed,
“And what do you call my grandfather?”

“John, you’re scaring me.” Zoe’s pupils were dilating–did he somehow lose every bit of intelligence
from making out?!

Still, seeing the serious look from her cousin, she had to answer honestly. “Grandfather.”

John lowered his gaze then and asked Cordy, who was still hiding her face, “So? Do you understand
the connection between me and Zoe now, Ms. Sachs?”

Cordy’s ears were blushing harder than when he bit her. Still, she nodded without looking up, keeping
her head against his chest.

“Would you like to see my birth certificate as well, Ms. Sachs?” John asked just then.

Cordy quickly shook her head, even as Zoe was left even more puzzled by them.

“What’s gotten into you two?” Zoe could not help asking.

“Nothing. Though someone misunderstood that I was two–timing-”

John blinked as he suddenly felt a dainty hand on his lips.

Cordy also looked up from his chest, her eyes pleading him to stop.

It was just so embarrassing, it was more than enough for John alone to be aware!

Naturally, John’s lips were curling up and she could clearly feel it on her palm along with his warmth–as
if she was being kissed.

While Cordy quickly withdrew her hand from his lips, Zoe was perplexed by their curious interaction.
“What on earth are you up to?”

“Nothing. You can go now,” John told Zoe.

Zoe was clearly upset at that–was she supposed to stay or leave?!

“Why aren’t you leaving?” John said then, his tone a little sterner.

It went without saying that Zoe was scared of him, even as a child.

Even though she lived at Levine Manor since she was a child, her parents never disciplined her much–
nor did Alan Levine, her maternal grandfather and the head of the family. It was only her elusive cousin
who carried an unusually intimidating presence, stopping her from messing around

when around him.

“I need the washroom,” Zoe protested softly nonetheless.

“Go somewhere else!”

Zoe could not say a word, and she had to run away right then.

Cordy tried to leave too, but John caught her by the wrist just as she moved.

He felt like he could snap her thin hand with just a little exertion!

“Don’t you think you should be saying something, Ms. Sachs?” he asked pointedly with his deep,
magnetic voice.

Cordy tugged at her own dress so badly it was starting to get wrinkled.

After she messed up so badly, the snake before her would never show mercy!

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