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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 127

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Chapter 127

Cordy and John returned to the private room, though Bob and the rest promptly pulled John along to
drink after they returned.

Not wanting John to worry about her being uncomfortable, she picked some songs to sing.

And with that, the ladies were singing while the men got drunk in that private room.

Soon, it was getting late.

After getting a little buoyed from all the singing, Zoe leaned against Cordy and asked drunkenly, So?
What did my dear John do to you?”

“Nothing.” Cordy quickly shook her head.

“Nothing?” Zoe studied Cordy just then, clearly skeptical. “I could clearly sense him being in such a
better mood after you two returned. Also, you’re drinking freely now, even though we had a hard time
asking you before… Did you really do nothing to him?”

Cordy started to look a little guilty under Zoe’s stare, and Zoe was suddenly smiling pointedly with an
understanding look on her face. “I get it.”

“It’s not what you think,” Cordy quickly said–she did not need imagination to know what Zoe meant!

“It’s not? I even saw the scratch marks on his hand… Be honest, was he good? I’ve always been
saying that eye candies usually are…”

Cordy was blushing as Zoe kept going without a care, but just as she was about to explain what
happened, John suddenly barked, “Zoe!”

Zoe actually gasped–was he not busy being drinking with Bob and the others?!

But his eyes were actually on Cordy the whole time!

“I’m going to the washroom,” Zoe said, and quickly fled.

Cordy could not help smiling at how afraid Zoe was of John… but come to think of it, he was

definitely unapproachable when he was being quiet and solemn.

“Let’s go,” John told Cordy just then, suddenly mild–mannered again.

“What about the others?” Cordy asked.

“They can keep at it,” he replied flatly–it was already past midnight, and very late.

“But if you leave…”

“It’s past twelve. My birthday is over, so I’m no longer the protagonist,” John said as if it was only


Cordy actually agreed, and she left with him without another word.

Zoe headed to another washroom since Bob was hogging the one in the private room.

In the end, she beat him soundly at their drinking game.

Still, she suddenly paused at the walkway because the two persons before her were indisputable


Even so, she kept staring at them without so much as a blink until those two became self- conscious
enough to separate.

“You’re a real pig, Sam,” Zoe then growled through her teeth.

Sam chuckled, taking no offense to Zoe’s blatant insult.

“Move. I’m going to the washroom,” she snapped.

Sam made way, just as the woman with him did.

Just as Zoe walked past them, she suddenly whipped out her phone, made a call, and bellowed at top
of her voice, “Haven’t you had enough of Sam, Quinn?! He’s always cheating on you! Should I get you
a gigolo? The expensive type–satisfaction guaranteed!”

Sam’s expression darkened immediately, and the woman beside him certainly noticed.

She quickly tried to coax him. “Oh, Mr. Saunders…

“Get out!” he bellowed nonetheless.

The woman was certainly startled–he was obviously happy with her just a moment ago, and he did not
refuse her advances.

And now, he was suddenly dumping her!

Everyone in the club certainly knew that Sam was as handsome as he was generous. Not only would
any lady be satisfied in body and soul after a night with him, but they would be rewarded handsomely
for it too!

Nonetheless, the woman could only watch as Sam coolly left, and she stamped her feet in rage.

And after the call, Zoe returned from the washroom to the private room… which was now empty.

It went without saying that John would have taken Cordy home, while Sam would be messing around
with other women.

Bob would also have made his escape after Zoe beat him at their drinking game.

And as for Jay… he drank a lot tonight as well.

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