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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 128

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Chapter 128

Presuming that Jay had left as well, Zoe picked up the handbag she left on the couch and prepared to


That was when she heard retching from the washroom of the private room.

Zoe hesitated for a moment, but she eventually entered to find Jay crouching in front of the toilet,
puking his guts in it.

Zoe pursed her lips–Jay had always been a light drinker, but he was surprisingly enthusiastic today.

Did he not have to work tomorrow?

She was just smart enough to apply for leave tomorrow, since she knew she was definitely going to be
drinking tonight.

Meanwhile, Jay was actually starting to vomit bile even as he questioned why people love alcohol.

He would never touch the juice unless absolutely necessary!

Even as he pushed himself off the floor, his legs must have gotten numb from crouching too long, and
he started to teeter over to the side….

But just before he fell, a familiar figure suddenly caught him.

And that dainty figure seemed to be exerting every bit of strength she had.

Jay blinked and suddenly picked up the thick scent of a perfume…


Sensitive to such scents, he abruptly sneezed.

Zoe naturally knew he was, and she had done it on purpose because she did not want to get too

close to him.

Whenever she made her way to the men to drink with them, he would avoid her.

Still, even as she released him now, she distanced herself as Jay sneezed a few more times.

“Why are you still here?” he asked coolly as he washed his face with cold water.

Then, his frame was suddenly upright, as if he was not the man who was puking his guts a

moment ago.

“I was going to leave,” Zoe said.

Jay frowned. “Didn’t Bob say that he would take you home?”

It was why he was here in the washroom, since Bob had promised him.

“He’s as drunk as a skunk. It’s a blessing I don’t have to take him home.”

Jay in turn pulled out some tissues to wipe his cheek and his wet fingers before saying, “Come on.
Let’s go home together.”

Zoe was already going to turn and leave, since she saw that Jay was doing mostly fine.

Some people were fine once they vomited after all.

“Are you sure?” she asked, raising a brow.

“Yeah,” Jay replied.

Zoe wanted to say no, but she decided to agree for some reason.

She was not the one who was going to get hurt, after all.

But even as they took the same car home, Jay was sneezing repeatedly on their way home, to the
point that the chauffeur almost suffered a breakdown.

“Should I take you to the hospital, sir?” he asked.

“No,” Jay said nasally, pinching his own nose.

“Drive faster,” Zoe told the chauffeur nonetheless.

“Safety first,” Jay suddenly added.

Speechless, Zoe leveled a sideways glance at him.

“I’m fine,” he explained.

“I just can’t stand your sneezing,” Zoe snapped.

Jay pursed lips, staying silent as he worked hard to stop himself from sneezing.

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