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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 130

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Chapter 130

Cordy turned and keyed in her door passcode, then entered after the door opened.

Even so, the man who agreed to leave just now remained standing outside.

“It’s late. You should go,” she urged him again.

“Okay,” John replied–yet another quick answer.

But his body was honest and remained still.

Cordy gritted her teeth and turned to shut the door before turning on the door monitor. John was still
standing there.

Speechless, she opened the door again right then and asked, “Weren’t you going to leave?” “I just
remembered something…” he said. “You haven’t given me anything for my birthday.” Cordy pursed her
lips–she thought that they were parting ways tonight! Giving him anything would only have given him
hope, and her more hassle.

“Anything would do,” John said with a serious look, obviously hinting at something.

Cordy sighed, having this feeling that she would not get him to leave if she did not satisfy him. Heaving
a deep sigh, she resigned herself and walked up to him, stood on her toes, and wrapped her hands
around his neck before giving him a peck on the cheek.

John actually froze. As he stared at Cordy again, she was left fidgeting uncomfortably and blushing.

“Just go already,” she muttered.

“I didn’t think that you’d prefer… physical rewards.” He smiled a little too smugly. “I actually thought a
‘happy birthday‘ would suffice.”

Even his eyes that were unfocused from alcohol a moment ago were now twinkling–he clearly got more
than what he bargained for, and he was now acting like he did not want it?!

She really wanted to break his face just then!

“That said, I prefer your way of doing things,” he said, his voice getting deeper as the air between them
got flirtier.

Cordy’s cheeks were so red they could bleed.

“Goodnight,” he said, finally leaving with satisfaction.

Cordy promptly slammed the door shut and could not help leaning on the door, clutching her burning

She could not help remembering what Zoe asked–on whether John was good.

Yes, he certainly was!

She could not help wondering how many other ladies he could have tap–dancing to his tune too!

Cordy woke up very late because she could not quite fall asleep, and only because she was awakened
by her phone’s ringtone.

She reacted every so slightly when she saw the caller, but was unusually calm when she answered.
“Cordy Sachs!” Simon was screaming from the other end. “Why aren’t you at the hospital?!”

“Am I supposed to stay there permanently?” Cordy asked coolly in return.

Simon naturally had to bear with it.

It was so difficult for him that it took two days to convince his mother to apologize to Cordy, so that
Cordy would settle out of court.

However, they arrived at the hospital, only to be informed that Cordy had been discharged.

She just wanted to make things hard for her, did she not?!

Plum Lang was already scowling on the way to the hospital and her face was now basically contorted
with rage. “She wants me to visit her personally to apologize?! Who does she think she is?! Tell her to
come to our family mansion right now!”

However, Plum was so loud that Cordy heard her..

Simon had obviously brought Plum along to the hospital to apologize, but it looked like Plum wanted to
threaten Cordy instead.

As such, Cordy simply hung up, not bothered to waste her breath with them.

Naturally, Simon was incensed that she had cut him off.

Wheeling on Plum right then, he bellowed, “Don’t you understand what’s going on?! Cordy wants you in
prison! The only reason you weren’t kept in police custody for too long is because you’re seventy, but
that doesn’t mean you’re innocent, or that you can do anything you like because you’re old! Also, John
Levine is backing Cordy–she just has to say the word, and you’ll be behind. bars!”

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