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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 131

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Chapter 131

Plum was left staring blankly at Simon–her own son had never yelled at her like that before!

And usually, what she said went, but now, he was scolding her while pointing at her face in front of so
many doctors and nurses!

It was absolutely humiliating, especially at her age!

She certainly could not suffer the ignominy, and her eyes were red as she pointed back at him. How
dare you raise your voice at me…”

Simon, however, was too furious to care what she thought.

He was absolutely afraid that Cordy would blow things out of proportion and destroy Sachs Enterprises‘
reputation, as well as his personal reputation for being the No.1 Son of North City.

Otherwise, he would not care if Plum was behind bars, let alone to suffer Cordy’s tantrums!

“Do whatever you want!” he snapped before storming off.

Plum’s blood pressure skyrocketed then, watching as her own son strode off as she watched, leaving
her in the hospital!

Sue Yorkman, who came to the hospital with them and saw them argue, quickly reasoned, “Plum, you
should be more understanding toward Simon on this one. Things are not peaceful at Sachs Enterprises
at the moment, but he still bailed you out at the precinct and sought legal advice for your case when he
already had his hands full. Cordy has all the evidence she needs against you and if she doesn’t settle it
out of court, you’ll be sentenced to three years in prison for causing deliberate harm. And at your age,
you won’t even last a month!”

“Is it really that serious?” Plum exclaimed in disbelief.

After all, she thought nothing of Cordy. Having abused Cordy for most of her life, she did not expect the
day would come when Cordy could fight back!

“It really is that serious!” Sue insisted. “Just listen to Simon–apologize to Cordy. She’s your
granddaughter, so she won’t ignore you completely.”

Plum was still huffing nonetheless–the thought of yielding to Cordy was sickening.

“Think about it this way… Once this is over, we just have to watch out so that she does not get
leverage against us. She’s just a brat–she’ll never win against you, and you’ll eventually get to even the

Plum was more or less comforted by Sue’s words, and she refused to believe that she could not punish

Meanwhile, Cordy could not fall asleep again after she was woken, and got out of bed by habit to read
the news.

The whole internet was still flaming Kyle and Noel, and it seemed to only be getting worse–it showed
no sign of stopping either.

Cordy then checked how Jessop Corp and Sachs Enterprises were doing, and saw that both
companies‘ stock market value started dropping ever since the market opened.

And given their market value, it meant they were losing hundreds of thousands each day. Cordy’s
mood improved right then, and she put away her phone, got out of bed, and washed up.

There was no question that John contributed to her total triumph.

She then remembered that he took the initiative to help her, only for her to dismiss him as a womanizer
who was irresponsible with relationships. It was his birthday yesterday, and she showed no inclination
to wish him well either…

Save for that kiss.

Cordy’s cheeks turned hot again.

She was not even dating John, but he had already gained a lot of boyfriend privileges!

And what was more? She did not feel upset about that!

In comparison, she and Kyle basically never did a thing.

It was likely because they were both young at the time, and he would not do anything if she said


But when they were old enough, he was already cheating on her with Noel.

In that case, why would he want to suffer Cordy’s whims when someone was catering to his carnal

Even now, thinking about that man left Cordy more or less affected inwardly.

Still, she heaved a deep sigh and picked up her phone to text John.

[Are you free tonight?]


Yet another instant reply.

Cordy could not help smiling as she seemed able to imagine what was going on at the other end

despite the single–word text.

[Dinner tonight. My place.]


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