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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 136

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Chapter 136

“Well, there’s nothing I can really do against you…” Cordy said, sounding as if she could not help it.

Plum was delighted inwardly, convinced that Cordy was already giving up.

Age before beauty, indeed! Cordy never stood a chance against her!

“Well, we are family, so we shouldn’t hold grievances against each other,” Plum said cheerfully. “In that
case, you should go to the police station and rescind your charges-”

“I want ten percent of Sachs Enterprises‘ shares.” Cordy cut Plum short right then.

Both Simon and Sue’s faces fell, with Sue exclaiming in agitation, “Don’t be so greedy, Cordy! You’re
demanding a mile when we just gave you an inch!”

“An outsider like you doesn’t get to decide what happens to Sachs Enterprises!” Cordy snapped at Sue
right then, leveling her an icy look. “Who do you think you are, criticizing me?!”

Sue was left flushing, but she did not have a comeback against Cordy.

That was when Simon spoke. “No. Absolutely not.”

Short and blunt, he meant that he would not even entertain the thought.

“See you in court, then,” Cordy replied nonchalantly.

“Cordy Sachs!” Simon screamed right then, his temper flaring as he proceeded to insult Cordy, You
really should know your place! Do you really think I’d give you ten percent of my company’s shares?!
What right do you have to take from me?! Dream on!”

It was only natural for Plum to not agree to Cordy’s demand, but her son’s determined stance more or
less upsetted her.

And she was only further provoked by the look of contempt in Cordy’s eyes!

“Those shares are my rightful inheritance,” Cordy said icily.

“Your rightful inheritance?!” Simon bellowed. “What gives you the right-”

“My mother held twenty percent of Sachs Enterprises‘ shares while she was alive,” Cordy cut him short,
enunciating every word. “In her will, she only made it clear that Starstream Group is mine, and nothing
else. However, I’ve consulted a lawyer, and the law dictates that any inheritance is to be divided equally
between the deceased’s partner and their children. In other words, I have a right to ten percent of
Sachs Enterprises‘ shares.”

With those words, she swiftly took a copy of the share certificate declaring that her mother possessed
twenty percent of Sachs Enterprises‘ shares.

It was clearly prepared beforehand, since she had expected Simon to bring Plum here.

Simon promptly snatched the paper from her, his expression darkening as he read it.

“If you refuse to concede those shares, we can take it to court too,” Cordy continued neutrally. “I don’t
mind handling two lawsuits at the same time, since I already have no reputation to speak of in North
City. Our entire family will be the whole city’s laughing stock, at worst.”

“Enough!” Simon bellowed, his face dark as his body shook with rage.

He should not have sent her abroad–he should have her killed on the surgical table back then!

“Well, take your time to make up your mind,” Cordy replied, fearless against Simon’s threat. You have
only one day. Tomorrow, I’ll be putting together a legal team to discuss both lawsuits-”

“I’ll give it to you!” Simon agreed to the deal through clenched teeth.

“You can’t, Simon!” Sue cried right then. “You only own half of the company’s shares, but you’re now
giving ten percent?!”

She certainly could not accept it–she could give up anything else, but all of the Sachs‘ family assets
were all rightfully her son’s!

No one else had the right to even take a cent!

“Shut up!” Simon barked at her nonetheless. “Are you going to watch my mother being sent to prison?!”

“But that’s a lot of shares-”


Plum suddenly slapped Sue across the face, leaving Sue dumbstruck while Plum shrieked in rage, You
mongrel! To think I was usually so nice to you–you don’t even care what happens to me!”

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