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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 139

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Chapter 139

Jay’s expression darkened as someone barged into his room just as he took off his shirt.

It was Mandy, dressed in an excessively flamboyant gown and her face full of makeup as she showed
up in his room.

“I–I’m sorry. I got the wrong room…” Mandy exclaimed with her cheap, exaggerated acting skills, and
she then pretended to turn to leave.

At the same time, she deliberately stepped on the hem of her own skirt and threw herself squarely into
his arms.

Jay strode forward, catching her in reflex while Mandy seized the moment to press her cheek against
his chest.

It felt firm, even bouncy!

Jay frowned, noticing her intention.

But just as he was about to push her away, he suddenly saw Zoe standing at the doorway, watching
coolly as Jay and Mandy tangled.

There was a sneer of disdain on her lips.

They were that impatient, weren’t they? Or maybe hotels were too boring for them?!

Nonetheless, she told Jay calmly, “You left your bowtie in my car.”

They both came together from the set of Pomp and Circumstance, with Zoe’s manager only too eager
to invite Jay into their MPV.

Jay quickly pushed Zoe away right then, which left Mandy infuriated.

She knew it! Things were not as they seemed between these two–why else would Jay’s bowtie be in
Zoe’s car?

She was even suspicious of Zoe stealing her role… because Zoe seduced Jay!

It was more upsetting the more she thought about it!

Still, as Jay walked up to Zoe to get his bowtie, he inadvertently touched her fingers and she promptly
shook him off–as if she touched something filthy.

Jay’s hand was left hanging, while Zoe said, “You two can continue.”

With that, she strode off.

Jay watched as she left, blinking… before noticing that Mandy was at his side again with the corner of
his eye.

“What’s your relationship with Zoe, Mr. Parker? Why would your bowtie be in her car?” Mandy asked
coquettishly, even affectionately.

“Did you have business with me, Ms. Parker?” Jay asked as he took a step back, clearly keeping his
distance from her.

Mandy was annoyed, but she bore with it. “Just a social call, and to thank you for your direction during
that commercial-”

“I still have to get changed, so please leave if it’s nothing important!” Jay suddenly snapped.

He was utterly cold to her, a far cry from his reaction to Zoe just now!

“I can take the casting couch too, Mr. Parker,” Mandy said with a serious look. “I won’t ask for anything

“Leave right now if you don’t want to humiliate yourself further,” Jay growled icily. “Or I can’t promise
you that the public wouldn’t find out how willing you are to take the casting couch!” Mandy turned pale,
stunned that Jay would do this to her.

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