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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 141

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Chapter 141

While everyone was left gaping at Mandy and Zoe, the crew hurried to Mandy’s side, helping her to her
feet when they saw her doleful look.

Mandy appeared to have taken a serious fall and could not move her feet, yelping loudly with each step
she took.


you need the hospital, Ms. Jessop?” one of the crew members asked.

“The event is starting–there’s no time,” Mandy moaned through the pain. “I have to return to my seat,
but I can’t walk..

“Alright, let’s get you up…”

“No, I can’t!”

The crew did their best to be careful, but Mandy seemed to be in too much pain, leaving them at a loss.

That was when Mandy pointed at a certain seat nearby. “I think I’ll sit there.”

Naturally, it was Zoe’s seat.

The crew were certainly dumbfounded.

Even among the A–list stars, Zoe ranked at least among the top three.

On the other hand, Mandy could barely make the B–list. What right did she have to take the central
seat of an A–lister?!

One of the crew members said, “Ms. Jessop, that’s Ms. York’s seat. You can’t-

“I don’t see a problem here. She tripped me, and it’s only natural I take her seat,” Mandy said, as if it
made perfect sense.

The audience seats were lined with other stars, and they were trained well enough to not comment so

On the other hand, Mandy’s actress friends–under her payroll, naturally–promptly understood. Mandy’s

One of them promptly snapped, “Wasn’t everyone in showbiz saying that a certain A–lister never
throws her weight and treats newcomers fairly? She’s now getting upset and retaliating just because
she lost her place at the red carpet. How uncouth!”

“That’s right,” another echoed. “And now, Mandy has hurt her foot, but she won’t even let Mandy have
her seat. It’s sickening.”

“She’s just lucky she got a role in some feature films and managed to win herself some awards.
Anyone who has her luck would be far more successful… I wonder how she even gets those roles!”
“What do you mean, lucky? Don’t you know that she takes the casting couch…” The actress allowed
her voice to trail off before adding, “Oh, she’s certainly no Mandy, who never throws her weight around
even though she’s from such an important family, and always does her best at

work instead of stealing roles with her status!”

“That reminds me… there’s this actress who stole Mandy’s role with the casting couch, but Mandy
never said a word! And now, Mandy has to take her spot because she’s sick, but she can’t stand it!”

Zoe was glowering.

Those actresses spoke just loud enough for those around them to hear.

Mandy naturally heard it too, and she smiled vilely at that.

Thank goodness she was smart enough to bribe those B–listers and C–listers beforehand, and

humiliate Zoe!

That was when Zoe slowly rose from her seat.

Mandy was smiling smugly at that–Zoe would never dare to challenge her! She would be giving herself
too much credit if she did!

“You want my seat?” Zoe asked Mandy coolly.

“My leg hurts. I have no choice,” Mandy said innocently.

“Really?” Zoe simply sneered, the fire in her eyes only too obvious.

She had never been a pushover–once she got really upset, she would hit anyone!

She even left Bob Davis crying once before!

“Since you’re really breaking a leg here, I guess I must grant your wish,” Zoe breathed, eliciting every
word. “I’ll never be a scapegoat!”

With that, she raised her foot, aiming the sharp heel of her stiletto on Mandy’s foot.

There was no one Zoe would not hit in this world!

And with that, she kicked her foot forward as hard as she could!

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