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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 145

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Chapter 145

However, Zoe had no idea what the photos showed.

Moreover, she had not been that close with any men recently, and there was nothing the

paparazzi could use for fuel.

To make things worse, she did not have her phone, just as her manager and assistant was not with her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Zoe said very coolly. “I wouldn’t hide anything if I were in a

With those words, she tried to push her way through the mob of journalists, only for them to keep her
tightly encircled.

Zoe clearly scowled–they were refusing to let her go.

But being the showbiz star that she was, there was a need to maintain appearances when she was in
front of the camera.

“The photos of you are definitely genuine, Ms. York. Are you trying to hide something?”

“Why don’t you just admit it? Tell us who it is and what’s the relationship involved!”

“Don’t keep us in suspense, Ms. York!”

Zoe was almost crumbling from their relentless questioning because she had not the faintest idea what
they were on about.

But just as she was about to lose control, her manager, her assistant, and a squad of bodyguards
swiftly forced their way through the crowd. In no time at all, they forced their way through and escorted
Zoe into her MPV, and the journalists were forced to give up.

“What happened?” Zoe quickly asked, and Linda promptly handed her phone.

Zoe frowned as she tapped into it, but she suddenly started laughing at the scandal about her and the
photos shown.

She was actually speechless, while Linda and her assistant Penny were left dumbfounded.

Zoe could still laugh when they had already proven that she had a sugar daddy?!

She still had so many TV series, movies, variety show appearances, and endorsements, along with
countless requests they had no time to schedule!

Was she really not afraid that her career might be affected?!

However, Zoe was naturally laughing because someone actually tried to make a scandal of her

and her dear cousin.

It was obvious that whoever it was, they were afraid of John enough to censor his face. But while most
could not tell who it was, Zoe remembered that place–the backyard of the banquet hall, where Alan
Levine celebrated his birthday.

She certainly recognized it because John had snapped at her, telling her to head home.

And somehow, someone got dirt on both of them with that.

“Who is that, Zoe? Is he really your boyfriend?” Linda asked.

“No.” Zoe denied it immediately.

“So? Who is it?” Linda pressed.

Zoe actually hesitated for a moment just then, but she eventually said, “I can’t tell you.”

If she did, her connection to the Levines would be exposed.

That also meant her retirement from showbiz and a desk job at Levine Ventures.

That was the agreement she signed with her parents and maternal grandfather before her venture into
showbiz, and her word was golden.

“Zoe!” Linda snapped, really upset just then.

She was the one who helped Zoe with her career, all the way until the present.

But to think Zoe was hiding things from her…

Nonetheless, Zoe said solemnly, “Just leave this up to PR, Linda. Trust me when I say that it would be
far more advantageous if we handle it ourselves instead of exposing that man.”

Linda was uncomfortable about that, but seeing that Zoe was being very clear, she did not make things
harder for her. “I will talk to PR.”

“Thanks,” Zoe replied.

With that, the MPV brought Linda and Penny back to the management office. That scandalous expose
meant overtime work.

“Oh, by the way.” Linda stopped just as she aligned, remembering something just then. “It was Jay
Parker who informed me to bring the bodyguards and escort you out of the gala. That’s how we
managed to reach you in time and save you from those journalists–be sure to thank him later.”

Pursing her lips, Zoe soon replied, “Yeah.”

With that, Linda and Penny left the MPV.

Still, Penny was staring at the vehicle as it left, and she could not help pointing out, “Didn’t you notice it,
Linda? Zoe’s been refusing to let us take her home ever since she returned to North City. The MPV and
the chauffeur are both her own.”

“I did.” Linda sounded thoughtful as well.

“Then where does she live?” Penny exclaimed in sheer curiosity. “Is there a reason we can’t find out?
Or is she trying to hide her roots because she’s actually someone important?”

“Of course not! Would she work herself to death in showbiz if she were born rich or powerful?!” Linda
rejected the idea immediately. “But I just don’t get it. Why aren’t we allowed to find out about her
family’s circumstances? Or does she really have a backer, like the rumors say?!” Both of them
appeared utterly befuddled just then.

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