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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 150

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Chapter 150

John thought to himself that Cordy should be sweet-talking him instead of asking about Jessica!

Still, he nodded. “Yeah.”

“What’s the relationship there?” Cordy asked bluntly-after she had that misunderstanding with John and
Zoe, she had decided to ask about everything since.

“Our grandfathers were comrades in the war and close friends, often keeping in touch event though we
lived in different cities. My grandfather especially loved to visit them, so he brought me to Stuart Hall in
Rocktown on many occasions. As for Jessica Stuart, she’s…”

John trailed off as he searched for the right word, and Cordy raised a brow. “Your childhood friend?”

“No.” John denied it. “More like the girl next door.”

The girl next door?!

That felt way more ambiguous than necessary!

John then continued, “Anyway, when my grandfather sent me abroad for studies, William Stuart- her
grandfather-sent her abroad as well. After we graduated from university, I worked on expanding Levine
Ventures in foreign markets, while she stayed abroad as well to manage Stuart Holdings. We do take
care of each other because of our families’ ties.”

Take care? How?!

John smiled faintly when he saw Cordy’s judgmental look. “Don’t worry. There’s nothing between us.”

“Your past is your business, and I’m not concerned,” Cordy replied nonchalantly, but she was clearly

That set John in a good mood, and he commented, “You’re improving, Ms. Sachs.”

“Huh?” Cordy was confused.

“Now you understand that you ask questions with your mouth,” he said. “Unlike before, sentencing me
to death ever so subtly.”

Cordy blushed, but she was not ever going to live down suspecting John for having a relationship with

After dinner, they headed to Cordy’s apartment in John’s Maybach.

Since it was just Cordy and Richard having fun in the car, John once again felt like the third wheel.

Be that as it may, Cordy’s fingers suddenly twitched and her heart skipped a beat.

John had sneakily taken her hand in the darkness of the car, holding it firmly in his.

She pursed her lips ever so slightly, while John turned to stare outside the window after taking her


She could see his stubbornness from the back of his head-he was not letting go.

But she did not reject him either, because she did not feel as disgusted as she expected.

“Mommy?” Richard called out to her just then.

Cordy finally came to her senses and continued to chat with the boy.

As the Maybach continued onward, John refused to let go even though Cordy was sweating a over her
palm despite being an adult, long past her first awakening toward love!

It was not until they arrived at Cordy’s apartment that Cordy’s fingers twitched and John release her

Opening the door, she told Richard mildly, “Bye bye, Dicky.”

“Bye bye, Mommy,” he replied reluctantly.

Cordy patted his little cheeks before alighting, and the Maybach only left after Cordy got into the

The Maybach was suddenly silent, with Richard sitting tamely on the backseat, far less lively than when
he was around Cordy.

“Dicky,” John suddenly said.

“Yes, Daddy?” Richard replied primly.

“Would you like to join a summer camp?” John asked.

While Richard tilted his head in confusion at his father, John added, “The type that lasts a month.

Richard pursed his little lips right then. “Just leave me at an orphanage instead, Daddy.” John said
nothing to that.

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