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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 149

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Chapter 149

At 6 PM, John brought Richard as agreed to give Cordy a ride from work.


Richard’s crisp, innocent voice melted Cordy’s heart every time.

She gave the boy a hug, and she sat with him as they had a jovial chat.

John was scowling from being ignored.

“Aren’t you happy to see Mommy?” Richard asked seriously, frowning just then.

“I am,” John replied rather coolly.

“But you’re frowning like this,” Richard said, imitating John by furrowing his little brow.

He had always been a diminutive version of John, and he looked especially identical as he


Cordy could not help laughing out loud, and even the chauffeur was quite amused.

Although John was scowling harder, Richard was further buoyed to see Cordy laughing. “Mommy,

don’t mind Daddy. I think he’s having PMS.”

Cordy laughed harder at that-John might have educated him too well!

Fortunately, the restaurant they were going to was close, and they soon arrived.

John might get a stroke otherwise!

They took a window seat at the luxurious restaurant, and Cordy was still joking around with Richard
while John ordered.

Why did he feel like the third wheel here?

“John?” A woman called out to him just then, and all three of them looked up.

“Oh, it really is you!” the woman then exclaimed in delight, before quickly introducing herself. “Do you
remember me? I’m Kara Lynd, Jessica Stuart’s cousin. We met when you were studying abroad with

“Yeah,” John replied, more or less having an idea just then.

Kara did not seem deterred by his aloofness and she actually became more enthusiastic instead.” It’s
such a coincidence!” she exclaimed. “I just came from Rocktown to meet my boyfriend, so I didn’t see
you here. By the way, did you hear? My aunt was just saying that Jess would be returning to the
country soon.”

“I didn’t,” John replied flatly.

“Didn’t Jess tell you?” Kara appeared surprised. “You two aren’t fighting, are you? When I saw the
news that you returned to North City alone, I was thinking-”

“Ms. Lynd,” John growled, cutting her short from droning on. “Sorry, but we’re going to start eating


He was telling Kara to leave, and she could tell as much.

“Alright, then I won’t impose,” she said, chagrined.

As she left, she slid a peek at Cordy, since Cordy was sitting beside John.

Cordy noticed Kara’s gaze too, but when she looked at the other woman, Kara quickly averted her eyes
and left.

Returning to her table, Kara quickly texted Jessica.

[Jess, I just ran into John at a restaurant. He brought his son and a woman, whom I think is Cordy

Since Cordy had been topping search keywords a while ago, Kara more or less recognized her face
from what little gossip she gathered.

But why was Cordy here with John?!

And why would John, who always kept his private life squeaky clean, be interested in someone with a
past like Cordy?

Abroad, Jessica’s eyes narrowed as she read the text.

She knew she should not have let John return to Zidonia alone, and it was her fault for underestimating

Back at the restaurant, John, Richard, and Cordy started to eat.

Still, most of Cordy’s attention was on Richard, and she kept helping him with his food.

John eventually could not resist asking, “Am I invisible to you, Ms. Sachs?”

Cordy was speechless.

He was an adult, but he still got jealous of his own son?

Could he be more childish?!

Still, seeing that Richard was fine on his own, she finally turned her attention back to John, asking.
Jessica Stuart… as in the Stuarts who basically own Rocktown?”

John was left blinking at Cordy.

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