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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 148

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Chapter 148

At the very least, Cordy considered Jay to be more reliable at a white-collar job than Zoe.

John’s reply to that was: [My grandfather forbids it.]

While Cordy was left puzzled again, he added:

[Since Jay is adopted, my grandfather doesn’t want him getting involved in Levine Ventures to avoid a
power struggle that would affect the family.]

Cordy actually understood the reasoning, but she also found it very obviously unfair toward Jay.

Did none of them put Jay’s feelings into consideration?

Still, she quickly realized that John was misdirecting her-something he seemed to have a flair for.

[So, aren’t you going to help Zoe?]

[She’ll handle it on her own, or she’ll come to me if she can’t do it.]


Cordy thought then that since Zoe was a member of the Levine family, the Levines would not just sit by
and watch while she got harassed.

However, just as she tapped out of the chat box with John and got prepared to work, another text
popped up.

[That’s it?]

Cordy frowned-what else were they supposed to talk about?

It was still work hours and she still had a lot of work to do.

Most importantly, North City Channel (NCC) was about to broadcast a reality fashion show where
celebrities wore dresses from different designers. Cordy herself was thinking about taking part as a
publicity event to expand Starstream Fashion’s clientele.

Nonetheless, John asked: [How long has it been since we last met?]

How long?

Hold on, it had been over a week!

[We haven’t seen each other since we confirmed our relationship.]

John seemed to be sighing with every word, while Cordy pursed her lips-that certainly was the


He teased: [Is this what you meant when you said you’d date me, Ms. Sachs? Online dating, to be

A little wounded since John had agreed to that, she retorted: [I told you I’d be busy.]

He then texted back, unreasonable as ever: [There’s always time for love.]

[Doesn’t put food on the table.]

[It’s food for the spirit.]

[Have I been starving you?]

[Yes. I’m very needy.]

No matter how she looked at that text, Cordy felt that things were getting too flirty.

As such, she quickly typed: [Been a while since I saw Dicky. Let’s have dinner together-I’ll try my best
to leave work on time.]


[That’s decided then, See you after work.]


The man agreed to it despite his reluctance, while Cordy beamed.

She returned her attention to preparing for the reality fashion show, and she did not hesitate much as
she registered.

There would be a pre-selection, and only candidates who cleared it would be allowed to design a dress
for the assigned celebrity before they present it on a catwalk at the recording.

NCC’s TV shows had always been popular, and not many fashion brands would reject such free

Unsurprisingly, all the famous designers representing the major labels across the nation were taking
part, and competition was fierce.

Even Noel took notice of the competition after a friend gave her a head’s up.

She had been staying at home, unemployed since Cordy dismissed her.

She did not want to work at Sachs Enterprises either, because she would just be working for her
younger brother Sonny as the company would never be hers. She would even have to suffer his

temper, just like her aunt.

She would never suffer such grief willingly, and she was therefore delighted to see the opportunity in
this publicity event.

After all, was this not a chance for her to clear her name and shine?!

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