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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 152

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Chapter 152

The eye-catching title was written large and bold: [Meet Jay Parker, Zoe York’s Rumored Lover!]

Cordy watched as Zoe’s fingers shook, and she quickly took out her phone as well to read the


The article gave a simple recap of the scandal on Zoe before, and now confirmed the relationship
between Zoe and Jay. They even went out of their way to mention that Mandy Jessop was originally
the female lead for Pomp and Circumstance, but the role was ultimately given to Zoe.

Fueled by speculation, the relationship was no different from confirmed.

Cordy tapped on the photos attached to the article, where Zoe and Jay were keeping their distance
from each other. Even though the photos were taken quite far away, one could tell that they were

The article simply posited it as them getting upset from getting photographed, causing the scandal

Still, it was not surprising that the media would be convinced that Jay was the one from the photos
censored with mosaic before. Anyone comparing those photos and the latest one could certainly see
the resemblance in their respective silhouettes.

In fact, they would definitely misunderstand if they had not seen the uncensored photos.

“F*ck!” Zoe could not help cursing, fuming after reading through the news.

She had yet to hang up too, and Linda was snapping from the other end, “Zoe, you don’t have to keep
secrets now that things have come to this. Talk to Mr. Parker-decide if you want to go public or explain
yourselves… although the latter won’t fly, not after you were photographed at the mansion together. I’m
sure fans won’t get upset with celebrities dating these days, not to mention. that you and Mr. Parker are
quite the couple. I’ll discuss with management about going official, especially since we happen to have
a romantic commercial on hand at the moment…”

“There’s nothing between me and Jay Parker!” Zoe growled, breathing every word through gritted


“I’ll call you later!” Zoe hung up right then, took a deep breath and called Jay.

The instant Jay answered, she went straight to the point. “Please announce that there’s nothing
between us right now. I’ll also declare that we only have a working relationship-I don’t want to retire my
showbiz career early because of you.

“Alright.” Jay agreed to it immediately, remaining rational as ever. “But we still have to corroborate our
stories Why would you show up at my doorstep, after all?”

Zoe turned silent, because she could not come up with anything.

She could not say that it was to discuss the script, could she? It would make things worse, doing that at
his house and in the middle of the night!

“Let me think about it. I’ll call about it later,” Jay hung up, probably having no plan just then.

Zoe’s hand was shaking even as she held her phone.

Nothing ever went according to plan ever since she returned to North City.

Beside her, Cordy could sense Zoe’s aggravation.

She wondered if she was imagining it, but Zoe was definitely being weird around Jay.

They were relatives-why would she be so hostile to him?

“Zoe? Is the person you didn’t want to see… Jay Parker?” Cordy asked, but she was basically sure
about it.

Zoe looked up at Cordy then and nodded-not wanting to keep it from her.

“But, why? I thought that he’s quite nice…”

“He’s hypocritical, two-faced, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Zoe fired a string of insults immediately.
“Really?” Cordy did not expect Zoe to think so badly of Jay.

“Appearances can be deceiving,” Zoe said solemnly. “That goes for John too. He may have a son, but
he’s quite the virgin. After all these years, you’re the only woman he’s ever allowed to stay around him.”

Cordy was taken aback-how did they somehow end up talking about her?

She bit her lip for a moment, but she could not resist asking, “Have you met Dicky’s mother before?

“Nope,” Zoe said shortly. “None of the family has ever met her, and John never talks about her. Hell, if
Dicky didn’t resemble John so much, we’d have thought that he picked up Dicky from the streets,
especially since the man is pretty much celibate.

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