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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 153

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Chapter 153

Looking up at Cordy just then, Zoe asked, “You must be curious as to how John ended up bringing
Dicky home, aren’t you?”

Cordy nodded, and Zoe gave her an ‘I-knew-it’ look. “Of course he doesn’t tell you a thing.”

In reality, Cordy simply did not ask.

At the same time, Zoe searched her memory and said, “John was twenty-one when Dicky was brought
home… and by our grandfather, at that. Actually, John did not even know that he had a kid, but as for
how our grandfather knows? Let’s just say he’s omnipotent and leave it at that. Anyway, I remembered
that John was still abroad when our grandfather came home with Dicky, and I overheard him speaking
over the phone that the mother abandoned Dicky at the hospital after delivering him, so our grandfather
brought him back.”

Cordy felt a pain in her chest.

Although John had told her that Richard’s mother had abandoned him, she was still stunned to find out
that Richard was abandoned at birth.

The very thought left her suffocating, just as she remembered her own child.

She wanted to keep it so badly, only for it to end up stillborn…

Cordy could not stop her tears just then, while Zoe almost jumped in shock at Cordy’s reaction. “W-
What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know,” Cordy murmured as her tears guashed. “My chest just hurts.”

“I mean, I felt sad when I saw Dicky at the time too. How cruel could that woman be to abandon her
own son? I’d never forgive her if I were John!” Zoe huffed, before adding after some thought,” Though I
think John doesn’t forgive her either.”

Cordy nodded quietly, while Zoe continued to rant with righteous indignation, “I’m actually curious too.
What woman could be so crazy that she’d abandon John and Dicky? Is he not handsome enough for
her? Or is he not rich enough, or not powerful enough? She’s definitely blind.”

Cordy was curious who that woman was too, to leave John without a care after sleeping with him.

At the same time, Zoe sighed and continued, “There was this one time when Bob Davis and I got drunk
and discussed that woman, and we both agreed that she must be a stranger who met John by chance.
She probably doesn’t know about John’s power and wealth, and probably thinks him a gigolo, what with
his good looks.”

“Ahem…” Gordy cleared her throat, taken by surprise by Zoe’s vulgar words.

“I mean, be honest. What other reason would any woman have to dump my brother?!” Zoe asked.

She was certainly proud of John, a far cry from her attitude toward Jay.

And when Cordy thought of Jay, she quickly came to her senses. “Zoe, shouldn’t you be deciding how
to resolve your scandal with Jay?!”

She was actually impressed that Zoe could stay unaffected and gossip about John with her.

Zoe remained composed anyway. “You get used to it after working in showbiz for so long-it’ll be
resolved eventually. There were rumors before that I’ve risen through the ranks thanks to my
connection with some bigwig, and in this case, if not for Jay Parker…”

Zoe suddenly trailed off, appearing aggravated.

“I mean, you could just reveal your identity,” Cordy pointed out. “The scandal would resolve itself

“Hasn’t John told you? Every member in the Levine family doesn’t want me in showbiz,” Zoe replied.
“They’re all eager to have me help John with the family business-just like what my parents are doing.
Either way, I’m just not interested in management, just acting. That’s why my parents and my
grandfather made an agreement that I must not rely on the family’s influence in my showbiz career, or
I’m to return and help with the family business.”

Zoe sighed feebly right then. “If I announce my identity, it counts as relying on my family and my
grandfather is going to drag me home for that!”

“That’s definitely troublesome,” Cordy said plainly. “You and Jay were photographed outside Levine
Manor, so there’s no explaining it…”

“He said that he’ll come up with something, so I’ll just leave it to him,” Zoe said, giving up on thinking
just then.

She was never cut out for brain work anyway, and her grades were so bad Jay had to give her remedial
classes for the longest time…

“I’m going to sleep. My head hurts,” Zoe suddenly said, not wanting to say more. “Alright, you do that.
I’m going to take a shower-I’ll be right back,” Cordy told her.

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