Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

Zoe nodded and said earnestly, “Cordy, you’re so nice. John’s lucky to have met you.”

Cordy became a little embarrassed from Zoe’s words-in reality, she was lucky to have met John


“Thank goodness Dicky’s mother was blind, or I’d never have such a nice cousin-in-law,” Zoe said,
continuing her flattery.

“Just sleep,” Cordy urged Zoe with a smile, and then hurried off to the bathroom.

Zoey watched as Cordy left, her smile slowly fading.

She wondered just then if women had to meet scumbags before meeting their prince-even Cordy had
to run into one like Kyle Jessop.

As for herself, Jay was more than enough.

Zoe was woken by her phone’s ringtone early next morning, and seeing who it was, she answered. with
a groan. “Linda, didn’t I tell you that Jay Parker would handle it? We just have to wait, so don’t. bother
me already…”

“He just made an announcement,” Linda said bluntly.

Zoe promptly sat up on bed, wide awake right then.

Cordy was woken by Zoe too, and she rose to find Zoe clearly agitated-she had tapped on her news
app and found Jay denying any personal connection with Zoe, insisting that they only had a working

relationship. He added that he was now in a relationship with Mandy Jessop, and as he did not want to
waste the public’s time, he warned the media against making baseless conjectures.

Cordy was stunned when she read the news too… Jay was actually dating Mandy?

It was not as if she was prejudiced against the Jessops, but Mandy was definitely nothing good.

“Zoe!” Linda snapped at Zoe from the other end just then.

“Yeah.” Zoe came to her senses soon enough, and turned very calm.

“Is there really nothing between you and Jay Parker?” Linda asked, clearly skeptical towards Jay’s

After all, would Zoe have been photographed at Levine Manor if there was nothing between them? It
was not as if just anyone could go there freely as they liked!

“Jay was pretty clear, wasn’t he?” Zoe simply laughed faintly.

Linda was furning. “Honestly, what’s wrong with his eyes, picking Mandy instead of you?”

In fact, Linda was convinced that Zoe was dating Jay, even getting the company to agree to show Zoe
full support if they went public with their relationship.

She was certainly stunned to find out that Jay was a pig who would consume just about anything!

If that was the case, why would Zoe hate him so much?

A person would not hate another without reason, unless…

Cordy glanced at Zoe to find that the latter had already put away her phone and gone back to sleep.

Cordy resisted saying what was on her mind-she certainly could feign ignorance if Zoe really did not
want others to know.

“I need to get to work. Can you stay here by yourself?”

“Yeah,” Zoe murmured. “The issue is resolved and I can relax in bed.”

“Okay. There’s not much to eat around here, so you’d have to order takeout.”


With that, Cordy got out of bed and headed out to work.

On the way there, she thought about it before calling John. “Zoe’s at my house.”

“Yeah. Keep her company for the next couple days.”

“You knew, didn’t you?” she asked, but it was definitely the case given his tone.

“What wouldn’t I know when we all live under the same roof? Only Zoe thought she hid it well, but I
didn’t realize that she’d never let go even after so many years.” John replied, though he still admitted
that he did not think that far. “I shouldn’t have forced her to return to Levine Manor.”

Still, Cordy could not hide her curiosity. “Does Jay not like Zoe?”

She certainly could tell that Zoe loved Jay.

But was Jay’s dislike toward Zoe the reason they could not be together?

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