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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 157

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Chapter 157

Even before Noel spoke to Cordy, Mandy arrived, escorted by a handful of assistants, and she
immediately scoffed at Cordy. “Oh, the world is so small… To think that we’d run into you here.”

Cordy was actually surprised that Mandy was a part of this.

Still, she soon remembered that Solo Show could never get current A-listers. All they had were either
former stars whose popularities were fading, or actresses who were at best B-listers. And since the
designers were newcomers or even amateurs, there was no popularity to be gained for

real stars here.

Naturally, Cordy simply ignored Noel and Mandy, since there was nothing to be said to them.

But just as she was about to leave, Mandy laughed with utter disdain. “Cordy Sachs! Anyone can take
pride in themselves, but always beware that it doesn’t become conceit. Aren’t you afraid of humiliating
yourself in front of one billion people across the country?!”

“Shouldn’t you be more concerned about yourself, Ms. Jessop?” Cordy retorted. “I know Jay Parker
well enough to tell that he doesn’t like troublemakers.”

Mandy scowled right then-how dare Cordy threaten her with Jay?!

Even so, Cordy continued as if she just remembered, “By the way, I had a few drinks with Mr. Parker
himself during John’s birthday. Maybe he’ll bring you along for dinner… if there ever is an opportunity.”

And with those words, Cordy turned to leave, leaving Mandy ashen-faced as she watched Cordy.

Was Cordy mocking her? Despite the official announcement, she and Jay were not really lovers!

In reality, the night when everyone was wildly speculating a relationship between Jay and Zoe, Jay had
called Mandy at 3 AM, asking if she would date him. If she was willing, he would announce it publicly at
daybreak, even admitting that her reputation would drop rock bottom afterwards, more or less affecting
her career.

Even so, Mandy agreed to it without hesitation-the damage to her reputation was temporary, but Jay
was the one she wanted for the rest of her life!

Hence, once she agreed, Jay arrived at Jessop Villa by 4 AM that same night, taking several intimate
photos of them together and then telling her to tweet the official announcement after he


Be that as it may, Mandy never did find out the connection between Jay and Zoe!

She had the feeling there was something going on between them-and very early on at that. And yet,
once it was revealed that they might be in a relationship, Jay was willing to dismiss any ties with Zoe,
even if it meant ruining his own reputation.

Mandy did not pry, however, since dating Jay was enough for her.

She was certainly confident that as long as she was with him, Jay would fall for her!

And yet, even a week after announcing their relationship, the week passed without Jay contacting

her at all. Whenever she texted him or called him, he would excuse himself by saying that he was busy,
basically ignoring her.

She was already uncomfortable about that, and Cordy’s mention of it definitely struck a nerve.

She would be strangling Cordy if they were not in public!

Cordy even mentioned John too… Was she using him to intimidate her, especially since John and Jay
were close?!

Beside her, Noel could feel Mandy’s wrath.

It had been a while since Cordy had walked all over her, but she was less tempestuous than Mandy -
she could bear with it. “Calm down, Mandy,” she said. “This is still a competition, and my sister would
soon be eliminated since she’s no professional.”

“She’s such a jinx!” Mandy huffed in disdain and told Noel seriously, “You have to do your best, Noel.
My family has already paid the media for your publicity, even more than they did for me. You’re
basically endorsing Jessop Corp now.”

Noel certainly knew that the Jessops had paid through the nose for her to win.

She had arranged for it, after all.

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