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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 158

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Chapter 158

Noel certainly could not depend on her own family since they were strictly patriarchal. They could
accept paying the media for publicity, but they would refuse immediately if it was more than what they
were willing to pay.

But with the Jessops joining in, she could easily reach over her original budget.

That was why she went to Kyle and competed as the chief fashion designer of Sachs Enterprises.

Even if she felt nothing toward Kyle now, she still had uses for him before she achieved the success
she wanted.

Moreover, Kyle would only be too eager to accept her proposals, not to mention that the money spent
would basically clear both their names!

And if she could win the grand prize as Jessop Corp’s representative, she would strengthen their
reputation as well.

Noel’s eyes narrowed right then.

She never did unleash her true potential when she worked at Starstream Fashion-not even when Cordy
was pushing her to design a template for their autumn collection. After all, she refused to work for
Cordy’s sake.

And once Noel got serious, she would definitely leave everyone in awe!

After the contestants entered the studio, they took their respective seats as the director asked.

As they were recording the pilot episode and the opening sequence, their agenda for the day was to
introduce themselves to the audience before the celebrities picked the contestants they would partner

Still, there were some looks of contempt shot at Cordy when it was her turn even though she was
contesting as Starstream Fashion’s chief designer. Everyone was sure that she had taken the spot. for
herself out of the blue, not to mention that she must have cleared the pre-audition by using the public’s
recent interest in her. After all, how entertaining would it be for the Sachs sisters to have a rematch?

Be that as it may, none of the celebrities picked Cordy after she introduced herself.

Interest was one thing, and this was business-they were certainly worried that they would be
disqualified alongside Cordy. After all, it was the rule at Solo Show that the celebrity partner be
eliminated with the designer they partnered with, which made the partner selection a more

delicate matter.

On the other hand, Noel had more than a handful of titles she could use, such as fifth place in an
international design competition, second place in the continent, the former chief designer of Starstream
Fashion, and now, the chief designer for Sachs Enterprises’ fashion division.

And after she introduced herself, half of the thirty-two celebrities picked her. The rest only refrained
because they were self-conscious enough to understand they had nothing going for

themselves and were not bothered to get humiliated.

After that, Noel got up and humbly thanked everyone for their faith before picking Mandy

There was no doubt that they would go the distance.

Obviously the Jessops wanted to push Mandy and Noel up the pedestal with Solo Show.

After all, who would not want free publicity?

In the end, Cordy was partnered with a starlet named Stella Murray, the only celebrity who was not

Their combination certainly lacked a bite, and they were therefore barely given any time on the camera
in the pilot episode.

But to the shock of one and all, Cordy was placed fifth when the live audience were asked to cast their
votes, turning the tables Stella certainly had no fandom of her own like every other celebrity. present,
which was why they were depending solely on Cordy’s abilities.

Even so, the judges all agreed that Cordy’s design would definitely make it to the top three.

It was only naturally that Noel could not accept that, even if she was placed first!

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