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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 160

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Chapter 160

Still, Cordy retorted, “Don’t underestimate your girlfriend’s abilities now.”

“Even so,” John said, “you should remember that your boyfriend owns a mountain of gold bars. It’s
hard, reliable, and dazzling.”

Cordy could not help laughing at how vividly John was describing himself.

Changing the subject just then, John asked, “Are you free tonight?”

“…Yeah.” She had been neglecting him for almost two weeks, and decided she should see him even if
she was not done with work tonight.

John made the arrangements. “I’ll pick you up after work. We’ll eat at your place.”

Cordy did a double take, and asked to confirm since she believed that she misheard. “There’s nothing
to eat at my place.”

“You can make pasta, right?” he asked.

“That’s it?” Cordy asked.

“Yeah,” he replied happily.

Cordy did not say no.

Vince Cartman came in to give her a report just then, and she said, “I’m going back to work now. See
you tonight.”


With that, Cordy put away oher phone and focused on her work.

It was not until half past seven that Cordy remembered she had a date with John, and she quickly
called him.

“I thought you’d forgotten about me, Ms. Sachs,” the melodiously magnetic voice from the other end

“Where are you?’

“Look downstairs,” John replied.

Cordy walked up to the glass wall and peered downward to find that exceedingly conspicuous black
Maybach and the man standing next to it, waving to her.

it was a nonchalant gesture, but he looked cool doing it anyway.

“I’ll be right downstairs,” Cordy said, quickly sliding her phone into her bag and leaving work, all while
wondering how long John had been waiting.

At the front entrance, John was still leaning against his Maybach as Cordy hurried to him. “Sorry. You
could have called me, though-I’d forget things after meetings.”

“As long as you can remember it after,” John shrugged.

She was not that unreliable-she was just busy.

Opening the door for her, he said, “Get in.”

Cordy did so, and they both headed to her house.

She did not pause for a moment after heading inside, and she promptly put on an apron to start


While she was preoccupied, she suddenly felt someone wrapping his arms around her from


That towering figure easily pulled her to him into his arms, and her heart skipped a beat.

“That’s to make up for it,” John murmured as he nuzzled her neck, his lips brushing against her ear.

He seemed to have this tendency to bite it-the pain from when she did so last time had hurt for a long

“Then don’t move,” Cordy said, restraining herself.

There was a split second when she wanted to push him away by reflex, but she cooled down for some
reason after smelling that unique pine freshness of his body.

“Okay,” John said in agreement, though his hot, steaming breath was burning her ears.

“That goes for your lips too,” Cordy demanded.

John said nothing.

She could really get bossy!

With that, silence ensued… though it was not absolute, as their heartbeats seemed audible.


Cordy could feel John’s heart pumping loudly and powerfully over her back, and it seemed to resonate
with hers, and both seemed to lack rhythm.

Nonetheless, she was finally done cooking the pasta, she accidentally splashed some of the boiling
water on herself as she drained the water.

“Ah!” she yelped inadvertently.

John promptly scooped her up in his arms as if she were a child, putting her on the bar nearby and
taking her hand.

“Were you burned? Where?” he asked seriously, in that utterly bewitching voice of his.

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