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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 161

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Chapter 161

Cordy shook her head. “I’m fine.”

She was just scalded a little by the boiling water, and it only hurt for a split second-she could bear with

However, she felt genuine danger as John got even closer.

He was already tall, while she was dainty even though he put her on the bar-she did not even reach his
height even though she was sitting so high up!

He did not seem to hear her either, and he was studying her fair, delicate fingers for injury. After
ensuring there were no red burns on her hand, he eventually said, “Ms. Sachs, you’re always bumbling
around, aren’t you?”

He was being critical, but somehow, he sounded ever so tender.

“I’m not!” Cordy retorted, though she suddenly lost confidence after that.

She just realized that she messed up as many times as she cooked for John at her place.

Meeting John’s meaningful gaze just then, she admitted, “It’s just around you.”

She never messed up around others, after all.

“Really?” John asked, his lips curling upward-clearly satisfied by the answer. “I’m honored that you feel
natural around me, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy huffed. Why did he always jump to conclusions?!

She wiggled, pointing out, “The pasta will get mushy.”

She was ready to get off the bar, but John stopped her. “Don’t move.”

“It will taste horrible if it gets mushy,” she argued.

“I’ll do it,” John said. “You just stay put, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy bit her lip, feeling as if she was being treated like a child again, just like Richard, though Richard
could probably swear his daddy had never pampered him so much.

Still, Cordy sat tamely on the bar, watching as John slowly took the pasta out of the pot and served
them on two large plates, placing them on the table nearby.

When they were done, he picked up Cordy from the bar and they started to eat.

It was a simple combination of pasta, broccoli, eggs, and some ham, but somehow there was a taste of
bliss to it.

After dinner, John did not leave immediately-he loafed on the living room couch, perfectly comfortable
as he picked up the remote and clicked through different channels.

Cordy felt a little helpless, since she was planning to come up with some designs tonight.

She was already busy with work at Starstream Group by day, and she did not have time to come

up with any designs aside from nighttime.

But with John refusing to leave now…

“Be at ease, Ms. Sachs. No need to get uncomfortable on my account,” John said, as if he had another
eye to see through her mind while watching TV.

And the way he put it… Whose house was this anyway?!

Still, Cordy’s heart soon skipped a beat.

Did he choose to eat at her house because he knew she would be busy and he was helping her save

More or less touched, she turned and headed inside her study.

The walls were all glass, and since it was behind the couch, she could see everything in the living
room-though the reverse applied as well.

Cordy turned on her laptop and went to work-while she was not trained professionally as a fashion
designer, her mother had personally groomed her as one since she was a child. In fact, her mother had
always kept her identity as a world famous fashion designer a secret, and no one aside from Cordy
herself knew.

Just like Cordy was now.

Once she was engrossed and started on a design, she would suddenly be oblivious to everything
around her.

The theme for the next round was summer and having come up with a style, she wondered what color
she should use.

And should she go with passion or a maiden’s purity?

Cordy recalled Stella Murray’s appearance, since a design should be tailored to the model’s
appearance as well.

Clicking out of the design software, she was about to go online to search for photos of Stella, but she
inadvertently clicked on an unfamiliar video on her desktop instead.

She was left stunned, unable to react for a long while when she saw it.

When did she ever put porn on her own computer?!

She then remembered Zoe borrowing her laptop the other day… could it be hers?!

Still, Cordy quickly tried to turn it off in her embarrassment…

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