Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 162

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Chapter 162

But at that split second, a deep man’s voice spoke from behind. “So you’re into that, Ms. Sachs?”

Cordy’s heart almost jumped out of her chest.

She quickly turned, and realized that John had appeared behind her without her knowing!

She did not see him come in at all, though she might have been too engrossed to notice his arrival

Still, that was not the point, as the woman in the video was still moaning endlessly.

Cordy quickly turned around to turn off the video, but she was fumbling so much she could not seem to
click out of it at all, and was so flustered she started to sweat all over her brow

That was when a large hand suddenly grabbed her hand, steering the mouse in turn to close the video.

And with that, the study fell silent, while Cordy wanted somewhere to hide.

She had repeatedly insisted that she disliked intimacy with men and would actually react adversely to
it… only to hide such videos on her laptop?

There was no explaining this!

But as she hung her head, flushing up to her neck, John called out, “Please look up, Ms. Sachs.”

She would become an ostrich if she lowered her head any further.

Cordy bit her lip, knowing then that she had to explain herself or the misunderstanding would last for a

She sighed lengthily and looked up, but as soon as she did it, John leaned toward her.

Their lips met right then, and their bodies seemed to flinch.

It was so unexpected, catching both of them off guard… but it also sent the heart racing.

Even the air suddenly seemed to turn thin as everything else turned still.

They looked ever deeper into each other’s eyes, and Cordy could not help tugging at her own sleeves.

She knew too well that John would go for more if she did not pull away.

And if she did pull away… he would, too.

She pursed her lips as if in reflex, but that small twitch of a movement was just like offering a kiss.

John’s alluring Adam’s apple bobbed just then, while both his eyes and lips seemed to be burning up,
as if on fire.

He put his large hand on the back of her head, and even being inexperienced as she was, Cordy knew
what he was going to do…

Cordy’s heart raced without control, while her breathing turned ragged.

She closed her eyes just as his tongue started to reach between her lips, and…


There was a sudden loud sound as the front door slammed shut in the house.

It was a little forceful, and therefore quite loud-and Zoe regretted it as soon as she shut it.

After all, she already felt the murderous glare as soon as she turned.

She was so scared she wanted to flee right then!

It did not take much to guess what John and Cordy were doing in those positions… and she certainly
did not mean to return at that moment and disturb them!

Hell, if she knew John was coming tonight, she would not have come even if it killed her!

Hence, she watched as her cousin released Cordy and strode toward her.

Did she have time to dig six feet under and bury herself?!

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