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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 163

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Chapter 163

John’s presence was menacing as he demanded, “What are you doing here?!”

Zoe did not dare to speak at all, since she never moved out of Cordy’s house even after John prepared
another for her.

At the same time, Cordy took a moment to gather herself before stepping out of her study-she could
not stand seeing Zoe trembling in fright like a small animal.

“It’s late. You should go,” Cordy told John.

John pursed his lips-he still seemed to feel Cordy on his lips.

But he did not have a taste!

Still, scowling, he growled, “What are you doing here?”

It was likely that he would remain upset if he did not get to vent his frustrations.

“…” Not knowing how to answer at all, Zoe turned to Cordy for help.

“I told her to come,” Cordy said. “I was worried because she would be alone, so I let her stay with me.”

“Why would she have problems living alone? She ran away from home at eighteen!” John growled
through his teeth.

“Then why don’t you move in with Cordy? If you can, I’ll move out!” Zoe suddenly snapped, having
mustered her courage and making a look of utter provocation!

While John’s face turned green, Cordy was left in an awkward situation.

If these two really got in a fight, should she really mediate?

“Anyway, I’m tired-I’ve been shooting all day, so I need a bath. You two can keep going. I promise

I won’t come out,” Zoe said then, quickly making her escape.

If she stayed, John might really beat her up.

But even as she left, he bellowed after her, “You’d better delete that crap you put on Cordy’s laptop!”

Zoe did a double take before coming to a realization.


manager-had sent those to her, and she had simply left it on Cordy’s computer.

After all, Linda was worried that Zoe was too much of a virgin for the bed scene that would be shot in a
couple days. She was just giving Zoe some materials to work with, worried that Zoe could not find

Zoe was certainly impressed by her manager’s dedication, but was there a reason that stuff could not
be self-taught?!

At the same time, Cordy was left stumped by John’s words, and she could not help glancing at him

Why was he so sure that it was Zoe’s and not hers?!

She actually felt unusually touched, having the feeling that he genuinely and unconditionally trusted

But did she really feel the same?!

She had no idea…

“It’s not crap! It’s art!” Zoe retorted then as if it was only natural-they were all adults and could afford to
take another look. Still, she gave in the next instant, unable to stand John’s murderous glare. “Fine,
whatever. I’ll delete it.

However, she could not help complaining inside.

Would he have ever reached Cordy’s lips if not for her crap?

Where was the gratitude?

Striding into the study then, she deleted the videos while Cordy continued to urge John to leave at the
door. “You still have to work tomorrow, and Dicky is home alone. You should go.”

“Yeah.” John ultimately agreed to it, but he shot another look at Zoe in the study, the look of indignation
clear in his eyes.

Cordy could not help giggling-she would have known him to be petty if she did not learn so much about

“Bye,” she said, opening the door for him.

But as John stepped out, his eyes darted toward her lips, and her cheeks were left burning.

She quickly shut the door, almost hitting John in the face.

He could not help heaving a huge sigh just then.

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