Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 166

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Chapter 166

The theme of the design was not announced this time either.

The contestants would be given the theme on the spot, and they had to come up with a design with the
fabrics provided by the studio.

Moreover, they would also be changing partners for said round.

Since contestants were allowed to choose partners freely, everyone had been sticking to the partners
they had from the first round. After all, they would have developed a sense of teamwork, and the
designer would have a better understanding of what fit their partners.

The sudden change was obviously to increase the difficulty of the competition.

Over at the CEO’s office of Jessop Corp, Mandy was throwing a fit. “What are they thinking?! Why
would they set the rule of changing partners for the last round?!”

The rule change had caught Kyle and Noel by surprise too.

Mandy kept complaining, saying, “Kyle, you know Noel must win this time, but I won’t be winning with
her if we’re not in the same group! That’s unacceptable! Aren’t you close with the production team?
Can’t they annul the rule?!”

“I’ve called them and told them what I think, but they’re saying that the script has been stolen and can’t
be changed.”

“I don’t care!” Mandy huffed, not having any of it.

“It’s not up to you now that it’s been confirmed. Moreover, you’re not the key in this competition- Noel
is,” Kyle snapped, ignoring Mandy as he turned to Noel. “I’m actually worried about you. Won’t there be
any surprises in the final round?”

Noel was actually worried too, with her chief concern being Cordy, who seemed to survive each round
by luck.

However, that also meant she won enough votes from the live audience to proceed.

She was actually getting suspicious now-was Cordy doing this on purpose?

She should not have the money to pay off the production team for such an elaborate script, making
everyone let down their guard while she proceeded to the final round.

But if that really was the case… Cordy would have been hiding the true extent of her abilities.

Noel suddenly remembered the wildly popular design templates Starstream Fashion came up with. She
knew very well it was not her, and the rest of the design department were not that good.

Could it really be Cordy?

The more she thought about it, the more nervous Noel was.

But she could not afford to let Cordy crush her in the final round!

Now, she really regretted not getting Cordy eliminated in the earlier rounds because she was made to
believe that Cordy would definitely be eliminated in the next round.

It certainly was no issue for the Sachs and the Jessops to pressure the production team to smear
Cordy before, but now that they were the last round and with it being in a live broadcast, schemes and
such would not fly.

Still, she continued to pretend that she was doing everything for Kyle, saying, “Kyle, we can’t let Cordy
win. If she did, it would be a slap in your face and Jessop Corp’s. We’ve invested too much in this
competition-we can’t let everything go to waste at the very end.”

“Wait, shouldn’t you be feeling confident?” Mandy asked Noel, since she thought nothing of Cordy at

“I’m confident in my design, but you know my sister’s relationship with John Levine. A little help from
him, and we’d have a hard time winning,” Noel said, having already come up with the perfect


Kyle and Mandy were both glowering immediately at her words, with Mandy snapping, “How did that
slut manage to hook up with John?”

“John is just toying with her. He has a fiancee.” Kyle snorted with contempt.

“Really? Who is it?!” Mandy asked, clearly thrilled by the thought.

Beside her, Noel became restless too.

“Either way, it’s true, but it’s someone we can’t afford to offend, so I won’t tell you,” Kyle told them.
“That’s just in case you can’t keep your mouth shut and bring trouble down on our family’s doorstep.
That said, Noel’s concern isn’t excessive-John is still with Cordy at the moment, and he barely needs to
lift a finger to help her.”

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