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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 167

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Chapter 167

That was when Noel said hesitantly, “Actually, I have an idea.”

“What is it?” Both Kyle and Mandy were immediately interested.

Still, Noel pretended as if she had a hard time saying it. “But it’s unfair to my sister if we go through with

“You’re still worried about her now?! Has she ever worried about you?!” Mandy cried indignantly.” She
doesn’t even consider you family-remember how she humiliated you and Kyle at that press
conference? You can’t be soft now, Noel!”

“Alright,” Noel said begrudgingly. “I’ll do anything for Kyle.”

But when she told them about her idea, both Kyle and Mandy were actually stunned by it.

They could actually do that?!

Noel continued to look burdened. “D-Don’t you think it’s too much?”

“How is that too much?” Mandy quickly said. “We have to do this because Cordy messed around first. If
she’s cheating, then we’re just returning the favor! Fair’s fair!”

Noel then turned toward Kyle, who immediately agreed to it as well. “She only has herself to blame. We
won’t have to go that far if not for her.”

“Yeah,” Noel nodded somberly, looking naive as ever even though she clearly came up with this


Her heart was certainly dark.

If Cordy wanted to play with her, she would only ever get humiliated.

And yet…

Did John really have a fiancee?

Even if the thought of Cordy being toyed with by John left her feeling cathartic, it also meant that Noel
herself stood no chance!

Noel bit her lip, deciding to watch while the situation developed.

The last round of Solo Show was finally underway, and the atmosphere at the studio was tense since it
was a live broadcast.

In the final round, only three pairs would get to come out victorious.

The contestants were Cordy, Noel, and another fashion designer of mixed ancestry named Andal Scott,
while the celebrity partners were Mandy, Stella Murray, and Kathy Barnes.

Of those three celebrities, Stella was the least popular and Mandy the most.

Moreover, Jessop Corp spared no expense buying popularity for Noel and Mandy. Once the

program started, searches and discussion of their names were skyrocketing all over the internet-
Mandy, especially, had used her down-to-earth, straightforward maiden impression in front of the
camera to push herself up amongst B-listers.

The final round of Solo Show began at 8 PM, the golden hour for reality shows.

As the host officially announced the commencement of the event, the thousand strong audience and
three judges were applauding. There was another additional judge-Maron, an internationally renowned
fashion designer whose name carried great influence in the fashion industry, and who had also been a
judge for Sheeny Cup, the most important design competition globally-who was specially invited as

At the CEO office of Levine Ventures headquarters, John’s phone was ringing endlessly even as he
kept his eyes glued on the livestream.

Naturally, it was from his chat group of four, and it had to be Bob Davis pinging him endlessly.

[It’s starting! Here comes the bloodbath! @jayparker @johnlevine]

[Cordy’s really beautiful tonight! @johnlevine]

[Mandy and Cordy in the same group?! This will be interesting! @jayparker @johnlevine]

[Do you think Mandy will walk out of the stage?! @jayparker]

John quickly tapped out of WhatsApp since it was disturbing him, but that meant watching the
livestream’s comments screen, which was being bombarded endlessly.

[Cordy is a real jinx, staying at the edge of elimination all the way until the finals.]

[Why are we watching? Noel Sachs has this in the bag. She was the one who designed Starstream
Fashion’s wildly popular autumn collection, which was exactly to my taste.]

[I call hax if Noel doesn’t win!]

[I’m backing Noel too.]


John was scowling worse by every passing second. “How do I turn off the live comments?”

“It’s more interesting that way…” Randy Martin quickly said, but he promptly turned it off when his boss
shot him a look.

But it really was only half as interesting without the comments.

“That said, I’m really impressed with Mrs. Levine,” Randy could not help saying just then.

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