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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

John murmured, “Hmm?”

At the same time, his eyes were glued to Cordy on the screen.

Standing under the stage lights, she was astonishingly beautiful.

“Getting to the finals is nothing.” Randy said just then. “Being able to stay in last place with such
precision is so much more divine!”

Having worked for John over the years and eventually being promoted to become his special assistant,
Randy was certainly competent.

He was almost positive that Cordy had deliberately maintained her rank so that she was just short of
elimination, while avoiding any attack by those who had financial backers.

One might even say that she rose to the pinnacle with almost no cost at all, and it was no different from
slamming the Jessops’ faces on the floor and wiping it.

John’s lips curled up into a smile as well-Cordy was definitely far smarter than he thought.

At the studio, the three designers had exchanged partners.

Since Cordy was the least popular, she was paired with Mandy, who was the most popular celebrity.

Andal Scott was still partnered with Kathy Barnes, whereas Noel was paired with Stella Murray.

There were two phases for this round as well.

The first decided the third-placer, and the winner would only be decided in the second.

As the first phase began, the designers were to use the fabrics they had on the studio to design a dress
in thirty minutes.

And it turned out that there was no theme-the judges and audiences’ response alone determined their

Cordy scanned through the fabrics available, and she did not hesitate as she went to work.

Noel shot her a look before starting on her own dress.

Thanks to Mandy’s connection to the production team, they had already found out what they would be
doing today, even coming up with a design beforehand.

Naturally, Noel was the quickest to finish, and she told Stella to change into it.

Once Stella stepped out, the crowd was roaring with approval, clearly astounded by Noel’s design.

Still, Noel stayed humble. After all, she must not let on that not only had she found out about what they
would be competing for, but she even subtly contacted an internationally renowned designer to come
up with such breathtaking work.

And it was certainly perfect, and she realized that she did not have to worry about Cordy beating


In fact, she had been giving Cordy too much credit!

And yet, that was when the crowd roared again, and they were somehow far louder than before.

Noel turned to find Cordy stepping out from the backstage dressing room with Mandy.

Mandy was dressed in a pure-white gown that was obviously just fastened with nappy pins, but it
perfectly accentuated Mandy’s figures.

However, the sparkling dust that covered the white fabric really set it apart from the rest. As the stage
lights overhead shone on it, it glistened with a faint, dreamlike radiance. It was as if there was an ocean
of stars, manifesting and twinkling over Mandy’s body, shining vividly amid the darkness.

It was a feast for the eyes, and everyone at the studio was absolutely astonished by the sight before

Noel’s design seemed dull in comparison right then!


Noel’s panic was obvious.

Cordy was not supposed to reach that level. Something must be up.

It must be John helping her from behind the scenes!

This could not be Cordy’s own design!

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