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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 169

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Chapter 169

There was no question that Cordy had won this phase with overwhelming approval, hence proceeding
to the next round.

The crowd was roaring with approval.

And yet, the judges did not rate Cordy’s design highly, dismissing it as having nothing unique, only that
its overall presence was commendable. It was therefore fortunate that their rating was only twenty
percent of the total score, and Kyle’s sabotage beforehand changed nothing.

Meanwhile, panic was showing all over Noel’s face.

At that rate, even if she had a flash of inspiration in the final phase, she was not going to win against

She turned to look at Mandy, who was absolutely satisfied with Cordy’s design.

In fact, it was the first time she felt so beautiful!

If it had been anyone else, she would have appointed them as her personal tailor.

But it had to be Cordy… and she could not even hate this design!

Naturally, she noticed Noel’s look.

Preferences notwithstanding, Mandy would never allow Cordy to rise above them either.

She nodded at Noel with tacit understanding, and Noel gained some confidence in turn.

Meanwhile, at the Levine Ventures headquarters, John told Randy to turn on the live comments again
and he calmly tapped on his WhatsApp icon as well.

Messages started to gush in, all of which were from Bob Davis.

[Cordy’s amazing, kicking things off with a bang! @johnlevine]

[What is wrong with those judges?! How is Cordy’s design simple?! Don’t they know that less is more?!
They have even less of an understanding of art than me! @johnlevine]

[Even if Mandy is a little pretty, and I may have seen that years ago, I have to admit that she actually
looks way better tonight. It’s all thanks to Cordy’s design. @johnlevine @jayparker]

Bob was still rambling on, but no one was replying.

John had turned to the live comments as well.

[Don’t you think Cordy Sachs’ design was simply amazing? How is that luck?]

[I’ve always thought her designs had something to them… Now that we compare hers to Noel’s, it’s
clear who is superior.]

[Are the judges blind?! That dress has so much going for it, but they dismissed it entirely!]

(I think I’m still backing Noel. She must be holding back her true potential, just so that others

would not lose that badly.]

The comments started to argue over Cordy and Noel, but the approval for Cordy was clearly growing!

Meanwhile, the final round proceeded to the second phase, and it was the last bout between Cordy and

And the theme was ‘pinnacle’.

In reality, the theme was just for dramatic effect-and any design would fly as long as the script was
planned well.

And after the theme was announced, Cordy and Noel went to work.

The atmosphere was tense.

Once again, Noel was the first to finish, and she made way for Stella to walk up to the stage with the
dress she designed.

It was a bolder dress, with flamboyant colors and complex details, presenting both poise and a vibrant

One might describe it as a fusion of women’s regality and coquettishness.

It certainly caught the eye, and the crowd once again applauded her.

Noel had always loved approval.

Her troubled roots meant she had always been belittled as a child, but with age and experience, she
learned how to please others and use flattery strategically. But although she began to get what she
wanted, everyone always seemed to insist on mentioning her roots regardless.

That was why she was constantly comparing herself to Cordy and harassing Cordy endlessly. And
anything that Cordy had, she would take away-or get something even better.

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