Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 172

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Chapter 172

Noel appeared utterly surprised, since she must not look happy at all-not with countless cameras

aimed at her.

Naturally, her devious heart could not have felt more cathartic to see Cordy suffering!

After tonight, Cordy’s reputation would hit rock bottom, and she would cause Starstream Group’s
business to go to ruin as well!

It was delightful the more Noel thought about it, and she was trying her best to resist laughing out loud.

Naturally, the audience were convinced that her contorted expression was just her being sad.

“Forfeit Cordy! Reorganize the ranking!” someone in the audience yelled.

The rest soon followed, showing solidarity!

Livestream viewers were also flaming Cordy in the comment section.

[This is disgusting. It’s unforgivable! Cordy plagiarized!]

[To think I supported her. It’s like I accidentally swallowed a fly.]

[Now that we really see it, Noel is much better than Cordy. I guess Noel and Kyle are really in love.]

[I guess Kyle was right to have a change of heart.]

Meanwhile, John was tapping his fingers rhythmically on his desk.

Having followed him around for years, Randy could basically tell that his boss was serious.

And things got scary when he got serious-the Jessops really should not have challenged him.

Meanwhile, the WhatsApp group was silent too.

Even Bob did not know what to say, and one slip of the tongue meant John’s wrath.

And the man could really carry a grudge!

John dialed a number and instructed coolly, “Acquire Jessop Corp.”

“…Jessop Corp, sir?” The voice on the other end was perplexed. “But I don’t think there’s any value,
since they are hanging by a thread…”

“It’s an eyesore.”

“Yes, Mr. Levine,” the voice on the other end replied respectfully.

Hanging up, John then rose to his feet, and Randy knew that John was going to Cordy’s rescue!

And yet, the tides at the studio were changing…

Maron, the specially invited designer, suddenly spoke up. “Actually, Cordy’s design was not entirely

His words left the entire studio stunned, while the live comments section also stalled for a couple


There was no way a designer of such international authority would spout nonsense.

Wait, could he be sleeping with Cordy?!

When the live comments returned, they were immediately flaming again.

Likewise, another judge was snapping at Maron, “How could you say that, Mr. Maron? Cordy’s design
is identical to Lovely’s… One can’t even call it taking inspiration. It’s plain plagiarism!”

“I’m not denying that their designs are identical. I mean to say that Cordy is Lovely in the first place,
“Maron said unhurriedly. “Is it plagiarism if it’s your own work?”

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