Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 176

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Chapter 176

Anyone in the business who knew what went on behind the scenes would know-Kyle’s plot was twice
the pride, double the fall!

All he ever did was get humiliated by Cordy again and again!

The only thing he could do now was clench his fist as he glared at Cordy from behind the screen.

Meanwhile, the host spoke again. “Now, we are all convinced that Cordy is Lovely and honored that
she would take part in this competition. However, the rules make it clear that contestants are to design
something on the spot, and any sort of imitation is forbidden. The judges and the production team have
thus unanimously agreed that even if Cordy has used an old design, it still counts as plagiarism. As
such, we shall deem her forfeited as a contestant-”

“But I did design a dress,” Cordy said, cutting him short.

While the host was left taken aback, Cordy repeated herself loudly and clearly, “I designed a dress on
the spot. Someone made a switch.”

The scene was once again left in an uproar.

This was supposed to be reality TV, not a movie! What was with these endless plot twists?!

Still, the audience were whooping in excitement, while countless comments bulleted across the live
comments section.

[Oh, my heart can’t take this!]

[It’s a bloodbath! I can smell the excitement…]

[Holy crap, my heart is going to leap out of my chest. I just want to watch a variety show, not die!]

[What do you mean? This is more ‘reality’ than it ever has been. I doubt this is scripted! Fight! Fight!

After being left stunned for a couple seconds, the host was quick to rein in the situation again. Ms.
Sachs, do you mean to say that you designed and made a dress, but Mandy wore something else

Mandy’s face turned pale from suddenly being named.

At first, Mandy was only furious and could not stand Cordy from revealing something else that made
her superior! In fact, Mandy had always been jealous of women more beautiful than she was, and
Cordy’s outstanding work at Jessop Corp left Mandy looking like a piece of trash.

As such, Mandy could not stand Cordy all this while, and when Noel suddenly mentioned that she was
interested in Kyle, Mandy did not hesitate to help them hook up.

Noel had been Mandy’s friend for years, constantly fawning over her and doing her favors, and Mandy
certainly loved being put on a pedestal like that.

A stupid woman like Cordy? She was only ever neutral to Mandy and deserved to be dumped by


And yet, at this very moment, Mandy was panicking as she was being accused in public for trying to set
up Cordy.

She wanted to explain but did not know how-just as she could not just yell back in front of the cameras
or she would have even less chance of turning things around!

Be that as it may, Cordy spoke very bluntly just then.

“If my hunch is right, my backstage assistant Nana was the one who made the switch.”

Nana was just standing near the backstage on standby, and every camera was aimed at her with
Cordy’s words!

She threw up her hands to hide her face by instinct-an obvious sign of guilt!

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