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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 177

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Chapter 177

As every pair of eyes turned toward Nana, she started to tremble in panic.

As she was standing in front of the host, the studio audience, and the cameras, Nana had to admit that
she took away the gown and returned to the studio.

Hence, the truth was revealed-Cordy was framed with malicious intent.

However, everyone somehow knew Nana was certainly not the mastermind, since she had no
argument against Cordy.

With that, every crosshair was leveled on Mandy, who still stood on stage, her face now ashen and
unable to defend herself.

Even the host was snarling, “Why did you switch out of the gown Cordy made? Why did you try to
frame her?!”

All Mandy could do was purse her lips and stay silent.

No matter how much backing she had, the future of her showbiz career ended here as she stood under
the spotlight, exposed in front of the entire nation.

She kept shaking her head and turned by instinct to Noel, pleading with her eyes that Noel cover for
her or come up with some explanation so she was not so isolated and helpless on stage!

Noel, however, was more furious than flustered.

Still, her heart skipped a beat when she sensed Mandy’s look, but she was not about to allow her
character setting and integrity be affected because of this.

In fact, she already planned a way out when she came up with this scheme-if the ever happened, she
would use Mandy as her scapegoat!


Hence, Noel’s expression suddenly turned to misery and she exclaimed in disbelief, “How can you do
this, Mandy? I know you don’t want my sister to win for Jessop Corp’s sake but you shouldn’t frame her
like this! You were my best friend too! I really couldn’t believe you would do this…”

And with that, she started to cry, holding her head with both hands and appearing as if she had a hard
time accepting this.

Through it all, Mandy was left staring at her in disbelief.

How could Noel push everything onto her? Why did she have to take the fall for everything?!

And it was clearly Noel who came up with the plan to frame Cordy-and Noel was blaming her?! Mandy
certainly could not accept that but before she could argue, Noel denied Mandy the chance and turned
toward the judges and audience, looking utterly miserable as she sobbed, “I didn’t think that things
would turn out like this, and I find it sincerely regrettable… That’s my sister on one side, while my best
friend on the other. I have therefore decided to forfeit my place, and the winner is my sister, Cordy. She
deserves this win, and I’m satisfied with this.”

With that, Noel turned and started to walk off stage, quickly pulling Mandy along.

Noel was certainly smart enough to end the drama right here, with her unscathed and looking like an

Cordy, however, was sneering when she saw how Mandy’s face was contorting in grief.

Mandy definitely never expected the day would come that Noel betrayed her!

Mandy certainly believed Noel completely since Noel always listened to her, and she therefore
generously helped Noel hook up with her own brother!

She probably never saw it coming… that Noel would prove to be such an ingrate!

As such, Cordy said shortly, “A competition is a competition. There’s no place for concessions-l

don’t want to win without a fight and end up being told that I won out of luck.”

Cordy was clearly taking a jab at Noel for her ulterior motive-wanting everyone to think her a graceful
loser even though she would clearly never win against Cordy!

The live comments went wild!

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