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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 180

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Chapter 180

[Cancel Mandy already. She has no right to be a celebrity.]

[Don’t you think she broke a dozen laws there? The departments concerned should really launch an
investigation and penalize her appropriately.]

Still, the competition was now over, and the two-hour program somehow extended to four, although the
viewership also skyrocketed through the roof.

And with the recording over, everyone filed out of the studio.

Cordy headed backstage to thank Maron before leaving the studio under the crew’s escort.

However, there were a ton of journalists congesting the exit, mobbing Mandy and Noel and preventing
them from leaving.

“Mandy, can you tell us why you would frame Cordy? Could it be because you were afraid Cordy would
win and in turn affect Jessop Corp?!”

“Don’t you think such behavior is despicable?!”

“Don’t you expect to be penalized for your actions?!”

“Mandy, please say something!”

The unfriendly questions left Mandy on the verge of falling apart, and she lost all control as she
shrieked, “Enough! That’s enough from all of you!”

Even so, the journalists were relentless, even taking photos of her madness.

“Make way! I’m leaving! Move!” Mandy bellowed even as she sobbed.

Beside her, Noel was still busy playing goody two shoes. “Calm down, Mandy. They just have a job to
do-you shouldn’t make things difficult for them!”

“Noel Sachs!” Mandy finally had enough-she already wanted to turn on Noel just now while they were
still onstage!

She had to bear with it because she did not want to blow things out of proportion.

And yet, Noel was still being two-faced and pretending to be the nice girl, which only served to make
Mandy look even more uncouth and conceited!

And with that thought, she slapped Noel viciously across the face!

Noel’s eyes welled with tears right then, and she stared miserably at Mandy as if she was

wounded inwardly. “Mandy…”

“Mandy! How could you hit someone like that? How despicable!”

“My gosh… This is the first time I’ve seen someone being so barbaric! Did your parents not teach you

“Noel was just trying to calm you down but you’d do that to her?! You’re a monster…”

Once again verbally assaulted by the journalists, Mandy felt herself falling apart.

Nothing he said meant a thing because no one would believe her!

All she wanted was to leave-to flee-but she could not… Not without her manager, assistant, and

It was as if everyone was conspiring to humiliate her forever!

That was when a man appeared, having squeezed his way through the crowd of journalists and
walking up to Mandy’s side, and he escorted her away.

The journalists were all too stunned by the man to react, and when they came to their senses, Mandy
was already inside a luxurious black car that sped off.

Nearby, Cordy certainly saw what happened and if she was not mistaken, it was Jay…

In the end, it was he who ultimately let down Zoe’s loyalty for him.

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