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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 184

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Chapter 184

Zoe quickly called Cordy’s number but the latter’s phone was turned off!

But Cordy never turned off her phone!

As such, Zoe quickly called John, but his phone was turned off as well!

Could they have both been abducted?! No way!

Zoe became worried and called Bob after some thought. “Do you know where John went? I can’t reach

“…No idea,” Bob replied. “Probably off to celebrate with Cordy, perhaps? She was so beautiful tonight,
and no man can hold back from a look. If I were John, I wouldn’t wait to-”

“Do you think he’s like you?!” Zoe snapped, overprotective toward John as ever.

“I mean, men aren’t all that different…” Bob grumbled.

It was just that some were better at hiding their libido than others.

“Whatever. I guess you wouldn’t know,” Zoe said.

“Wait, Zoe.” Bob stopped her before she could hang up.

“What now?”

“Want to come out for a drink?” he asked, seemingly out of the blue.

Zoe frowned. What was he up to this time? And it was already so late!

“I’ll take a rain check Zoe refused. “I still have scenes to film tomorrow, though once I’m done. with this
drama series, I’ll have a few days’ break. Let’s get drunk after that.”

Bob seemed to chuckle just then-he did not particularly care about getting drunk tonight, but he

was concerned that Zoe was upset.

Then go to bed soon, kiddo,” he said.

“Yeah,” Zoe replied and hung up

Planting herself on the couch, Zoe decided that it was likely that Cordy was with John at the


She was slightly relieved, although her mood soon worsened again.

‘How long would it take to forget a person?’ she wondered.

How long would it take for the pain to finally fade?”

Cordy and John’s plane arrived at Ayro Island eight hours later. They then got into a car, and thereafter,
a boat that eventually took them to the floating island.

It was past 2 PM local time by then, and Cordy gave in to her drowsiness.


John had to carry her out of the car and into the hotel.

Even then, she was not waking up as she pressed her head against the comfortable pillow, and she
slept like a log.

John smiled tenderly even as he watched her sleep.

He was going to take a shower when Cordy’s phone suddenly rang.

John quickly muted it, and he answered when he saw that it was Zoe. “Hello.”

*John?” Zoe exclaimed, once again in her MPV on the way to the film set.

She thought she should call Cordy again to confirm her safety, and her call was finally answered.

“What is it?” John asked.

“Uh, nothing…” Zoe murmured.

However, just as John planned to hang up, she suddenly called out, “Wait, John!”


Zoe had to muster her courage before exclaiming, “Don’t you dare do anything bad to Cordy!”

While John pursed his lips, Zoe quickly tried to smooth things over. “I mean, it would cheapen your …
Anyway, just don’t force yourself on her!”

“Mind your own business. I’m going to sleep,” John said impatiently.


John hung up on Zoe just then, but her imagination was running wild.

So, he was sleeping with Cordy?!

Her little white rabbit Cordy was going to be devoured clean by John, the big bad wolf!

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