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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 185

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Chapter 185

Cordy had no idea what time it was when she woke up, only that she felt limp and muddled.

The room she was in was pitch-black and completely unfamiliar.

She could not even remember how she got here or how she got into this bed…


Cordy promptly pulled off her blanket to check her clothes and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw
her clothes hugging her body neatly and tidily.

However, she suddenly became nervous just as she was about to relax-she was not wearing this when
she got here!

Who helped her change? Could it be John?!

Cordy also lifted her pajamas to check… and her bra was gone!

Her face went crimson right then-how could she sleep so soundly?!

Did she not always jolt awake from the slightest movement?

How could she let down her guard around John when he was such a dangerous man?

“Could you be imagining some dramatic events in your head, Ms. Sachs? An attractive man’s voice
spoke beside her ears just then.

Startled, Cordy quickly turned and saw the man leaning nonchalantly against the doorway, watching
her with amusement.

“When did you get here?” she demanded, sounding clearly upset.

“I’ve seen everything I should and shouldn’t anyway,” John answered vaguely.

But that response almost killed Cordy.

What was that supposed to mean? Was he the one who took off her clothes?! Where was the respect
he promised to show?!

In the end, all men are pigs!

“Since you’re up, Ms. Sachs, it’s time for dinner,” John added then, still relaxed and carefree, and he
said just before he left, “Your luggage has been sorted into the closet, and remember to wear
undergarments since there would be others around.”

Cordy was speechless. She could really kill him right then!

Still, she pulled off her blanket and got out of bed, and she studied the unfamiliar room seriously.

It was vast and so was the bed. There was an atrium overheard, where an endless sea of stars

flickered as if in a dream.

She walked toward the exceedingly large window up front and opened it to find the crystalline ocean
splashing its waves just below, its breeze brushing against her face and bringing the scent

of the ocean to her nostrils.

It was an especially relaxing scene under the night sky.

Cordy admired the view for a while before closing the window and heading to the closet, which was
huge like the rest as well.

John’s clothes were hung right next to hers, just as their underwear was folded and kept in a single

It felt as if they were cohabiting already!

Cordy quickly found her own underwear and did not dwell on it.

She then put on a conservative set of casual clothes before leaving the bedroom.

In the living room downstairs, John was sitting on the expensive leather couch, crossing his legs while
he read the local paper.

A gourmet chef was cooking in the open-air kitchen while five uniformed waitresses bowed when they
saw Cordy.

“We will start eating now,” John said then, putting down the papers and rising to his feet.

He walked up to Cordy, dressed in all white.

Though he appeared milder in that hue, his ridiculously handsome face could not be hidden.

And that towering figure of his left her feeling pressured ever so slightly.

He was born with a kingly aura, and her heart skipped a beat the next instant as he reached out to take
her hands, even locking fingers.

She pursed her lips but slowly and quietly allowed it.

John’s lips curled into a smile, and he led her to the window seat of the dining room.

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