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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 187

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Chapter 187

After finishing the call, Zoe quietly lowered her phone.

She never told Cordy a thing, and she knew that John never gossiped… or to be precise, John was too
busy to gossip about Zoe’s private life, not when he still had trouble winning Cordy’s heart.

In other words, Cordy was just that sharp and noticed a lot about Zoe.

Cordy also decided against speaking up just now because Zoe did not mention it despite knowing full
well what Cordy was concerned about. But since Zoe chose silence, Cordy did the same as well.

Zoe was genuinely lucky that she had a friend as thoughtful as Cordy.

On the other hand, Noel and Mandy had always advertised themselves as inseparable best friends and
spent who knew how much on buying scripts to emphasize it on Solo Show. But despite becoming the
envy of countless people, it turned out that it was single-sided for Mandy, even getting a slap in the
face for it in the end!

Zoe believed that she was a lucky person who had everything going for her, save for her love life.
Maybe someone up there was jealous about her overly perfect life and wanted her to suffer a little. But
once she got over it, she would be divine!

Zoe smiled, impressed by her own strong mindset.

Checking her watch just then, she asked Penny, “Aren’t we shooting for the next scene now? It’s been
a while, too-why aren’t they calling me?”

“Sorry, Zoe. I’ll go ask right now,” Penny replied helpfully.

Zoe nodded.

The production crew had been putting off the next scene for a while now since it was a bed scene.

In fact, she was done with all her other scenes, and she heard that they were finally scheduling it for

However, when Penny ran back to her trailer a while later, she was panting as she told Zoe, “Z-Zoe

the director just said you have no scenes today… that you can go…”

Zoe glowered right then.

She had been steeling herself for the bed scene, thinking every day that it was that day the production
crew would get to it-but they never did!

And now? Were they messing with her?!

She sprang up from her reclining chair right then.

*Zoe? Where are you going?” Penny asked.

“I’m having a word with Jay,” she replied-and to ask him what the heck he was up to!

In Penny’s mind, Zoe had always been a tough person, and yet, she just had an outburst.

But there was no blaming her on this.

How blind could Jay be to fall for a woman like Mandy and abandon someone as perfect as Zoe?!

At the film set, Jay was sitting behind the camera and issuing instructions when Zoe stormed up to him,
not hiding her rage as she snapped, “Jay Parker! When are we going to film my bed scene?!

“We can’t find a suitable double yet. We’ll inform you when we do,” Jay replied without looking at her,
his eyes staying glued to the camera screen.

“And who said I needed a double?!” Zoe demanded.

No one told her about that-not even her manager!

“I did,” Jay said bluntly.

“I don’t need one!” Zoe breathed loudly and clearly.

“It’s the production studio’s arrangement. Your opinion was not asked for-you just have to

accept it.”

Zoe inhaled sharply.

After all, she knew all too well how Jay could get impervious to anything.

He would not otherwise have been able to reject her for years.

“Well then, may I ask what makes me lacking from filming that scene?” she asked nonetheless. Why
don’t you give me a chance to do it before deciding if I can do it instead of kicking me to the curb

Jay finally looked up at Zoe then, gulping as he watched her clearly restraining her anger. “The
investors had insisted that the bed scene be made compulsory, especially with multiple close- ups. I
have no assurance that it will pass the regulations panel and be allowed to air, but I have to give the
investors something.”

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