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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 189

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Chapter 189

John replied, “They’re both family.”

Cordy frowned-how brotherly was he toward Jay, really?!

She could not help feeling bad for Zoe just then, who clearly loved John to bits.

Despite the occasional bickering, Zoe would never allow anyone to badmouth John, and there was
obvious blind worship whenever she spoke of John. And anything John asked, she would always do it
obediently-no matter how much reluctant she was.

And yet, considering how rocky Zoe’s relationship with Jay was…

Both men really didn’t deserve Zoe’s affection! They were just not worth it!

Still, Cordy stayed quiet despite her mood and checked the news on her phone instead.

There would probably be a lot of articles about her in these couple of days, and it was reasonable. that
she should check things out.

While most of the headlines were showering her with praise, the media was sticking to their favorite
habit of publishing one abusive article for each praiseful article.

As such, aside from the articles praising Cordy, there were many mocking Kyle to no end. Countless
people were calling him blind for dumping Cordy for Noel, just as Mandy was caught in the crossfire for
her despicable behavior in Solo Show.

Some were even suspecting Kyle of being the real mastermind since there was a precedent. And like
all rumors on the internet, it became the truth the more it spread, and everyone was eventually positive

that Mandy was just made a scapegoat.

However, not only did Kyle fail to garner interest to support Jessop Corp despite spending a fortune to
bribe the production crew and buy scripts but it also only ended up ruining their reputation utterly.

They had certainly bitten off more than they could chew, and yet…

Cordy’s eyes narrowed as she realized that Noel had not been affected at all even as Jessop Corp’s
reputation fell apart.

In fact, there were netizens advising Noel to stay away from a scumbag like Kyle, that if he could. do
this to Cordy, he would do the same to Noel herself.

Cordy always knew that Noel had wit, but to think that the latter could wash her hands so cleanly while
making herself look like the victim… It was obvious that Noel’s scheming and manipulation. had
reached the next level.

Still, Cordy’s fingers twitched as she noticed another article: [Cordy Sachs’ black knight mounts. daring
rescue with a helicopter!]

She pursed her lips as she tapped on it and looked through the photos attached.

In it, John was holding her hand and leading her out of the crowd of journalists. There was no question
it was her in that blue diamond gown-it was even easy to tell. Her fair skin was almost.

glowing from the contrast to the gown, but after a few more looks, one would be drawn to John


Even with the grand umbrella hiding his face, his towering figure, his noble presence, and his chiseled
fingers and jawline were all sights that would leave the ladies shrieking in delight.

The mystery around him only left netizens all the more thrilled, with the hashtag [# cordysblackknight)
taking top place in popular searches.

Cordy looked up at John, who was loafing on a single-seater couch opposite her just then.

He seemed to pick up the slight movement in her eyes and looked up just then, locking eyes with her.

As her heart skipped a beat, he said…

“I understand that I’m very good-looking, Ms. Sachs, but I must still ask you to not stare at me like that.”

Cordy was speechless-was there anyone as narcissistic as him?

He certainly had the right to be, but with humility came wisdom!

“Why?” she huffed in annoyance.

“Because I won’t be able to stop myself from kissing you.”

Those words were aloof and nonchalant, but the room suddenly seemed to be filled with hormones.

Cordy quickly averted her eyes.

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