Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 188

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Chapter 188

Zoe still did not understand. “So what?”

“So you’re not suitable for said scene,” Jay replied.

“How so?” Zoe scoffed. “Is my figure lacking, perhaps? So much so that I don’t have your

attention, director?”

Jay glowered right then.

He never got angered easily, but he just had a high standard when it comes to filming. He would not
keep a scene if he was unhappy about it, but he rarely threw a fit because of that unless he really could
not take it.

But the air around him at the moment was frighteningly chilling. No one on set dared to make a sound
as the atmosphere suddenly seemed to become suffocating.

“Zoe… Penny, Zoe’s assistant, tugged at Zoe’s sleeve ever so subtly just then.

She was certainly concerned that they would really come to blows,

Whatever the case may be, they could not afford to provoke Jay since he was both a famous director
and a member of the Levine family.

And with that, Zoe gritted her teeth and kicked chair nearby, knocking it over very loudly.

Everyone was left stunned and watched as Zoe turned to leave after that outburst..

For Zoe’s part, she only knew too well that she would not be able to change Jay’s mind even if she
threatened to kill herself in front of him.

It was no different when she tried to jump him with liquid courage, believing that she could be content
with having his body even if she could not have his heart. Jay ended up pushing her off so forcefully
she hit her head on the wall and had multiple stitches, with scars still left on the back of

her head.

It was the scar that brought her back to reality and out of her crazed obsession to possess him.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere at the film set remained stiff as Jay stared red-eyed at the chair Zoe
knocked over

Eventually, he turned and snapped coolly, “Back to work!”

It was only then that the production crew returned to their tasks, though the assistant director was
sliding glances at Jay, who was already engrossed with filming once more.

He sighed.

Jay was the one who cut out the bed scene entirely, and there was no question he did it to protect


Actresses only ever got the short end of the stick when it came to kiss scenes and bed scenes, but the
investors had insisted on something spicy for the sake of promotion.

Jay therefore had no choice but to find a double, and they had screened through a ton of


candidates, just as they were concerned that the double was so bad they would affect Zoe’s character
in turn.

That was why they kept delaying the bed scene, and it was all obviously for Zoe’s sake.

But Zoe simply refused to understand.

Sometimes, adults could get scarily good when it came to bottling up their sentiment!

Meanwhile, after hanging up, Cordy was heaving a sigh in the seven-stars Ocean Villa at Ayro Island.

“Don’t worry. The wicked always lead a very long life,” John said out of the blue as he checked his
phone beside her.

Cordy was speechless as she cast him a sideway glance.

“She really is your cousin, huh,” she said, scoffing at how unconcerned he was toward Zoe.

John pursed his lips and started to defend himself. “First and foremost, Zoe has loved Jay for years,
and he’s rejected her on more than a handful of occasions-what’s another rejection in that respect?
Also, the blood of us Levines flows in her veins, granting her a stout heart so that she won’t crumble
over heartbreak-there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Moreover, when it comes to a relationship, it’s always up to those involved to decide how things. go.
Anyone else trying to meddle would only end up messing things up for them. And last but not least?
Jay did nothing wrong.”

Cordy frowned.

She could more or less agree with the first three reasons but not the last.

“Is Zoe really your relative?” she snapped. “Or is it Jay?”

Even if Jay was John’s uncle in name, he was adopted and carried no Levine blood.

On the other hand, Zoe was John’s own cousin. Who else sided with outsiders instead of family?!

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