Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 190

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Chapter 190

John grinned as Cordy turned away from him.

She was really refusing him utterly!

At the same time, Cordy continued to browse the news articles nonchalantly as she asked, “Why did
you hide your face when you came?”

“I thought I had no right,” John replied.

No right?

As Cordy looked up at him, he explained, “One of your conditions for dating me, Ms. Sachs, is that we
do not go public about our relationship.”

Cordy pursed her lips-she definitely did not say that, just as she was reluctant now.

In fact, she was not that confident about dating John, and yet…

Perhaps she was starting to feel a spark, or she was just reluctant to reject John’s kindness.

Be that as it may, she genuinely had a hard time trusting everyone else after her relationship with Kyle
and having grown up abused by the Sachs.

Going public with their relationship would only add to her troubles-aside from worrying that things would
end poorly between them, she had to worry about the inconveniences that John’s. status would bring to
her as well.

Right now, what she hoped most for was to resolve her own issues by herself without binding anyone
to her.

The long and short of it was that she genuinely had trust issues.

“Yeah,” she replied.

Even so, she felt her own heart stirring because she could tell that John was really considerate

toward her.

“Yeah? Is that all?” John raised a brow.

Cordy narrowed her eyes in turn-what else should she say?

Certainly nothing sappy-she would never manage that.

“Can’t I have something like a probation period?” John asked. “So that we can go public once I

clear it?”

Cordy pursed her lips.

She knew all too well that she was no longer disinterested in John. There were even certain feelings
that were sprouting at the moment, and she was unable to resist his enthusiasm.

However, she had no idea how long it would take her to put away her misgivings and accept John in
earnest without any reservations. She definitely could not do it now, and to confirm that they were in a
relationship in public would be unfair to him.

John naturally could tell that she was at a loss too, but despite feeling a little let down, he would never
try to push her.

He had long since gotten used to waiting when it came to her.

And he did not mind how long it would take, even if it meant a decade!

“Very well, Ms. Sachs,” he said. “You don’t have to answer my question before, but I would like to know
something else: why hide your identity as Lovely? You know that the title alone would enable you to
strut in North City’s fashion industry.”

Cordy looked up at him just then, and she could feel how much he accommodated her and never tried
to push her into anything-even if she still took exception to him changing her clothes. without her

“I never wanted to hide anything,” she answered then. “It’s just that my mother told me not to reveal

“But if memory serves me right, she has passed away for years,” John pointed out. “What was it? Did
she come upon you in a dream or through an Ouija board?”

Cordy could not help giggling-John’s comically serious expressions were really amusing at times. Her
mother’s death was something she always felt depressed about, but the way he spoke of it somehow
afforded her relief.

“I guess my gift for fashion design is as much hereditary as it is learned, since my mother taught me
everything she knew herself when I was a child,” she explained. “She was actually an internationally
renowned fashion designer herself, but she always kept a low-profile, staying anonymous and never
taking part in competitions. Even back then, she told me that if there comes a day when my work is
acknowledged, I must never reveal my identity to the public.”

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